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    The Future of Plant Design

    The Future of Plant Design

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    The Future of Plant Design

    Lighting the Way

    Best-practice business process for using 3D laser surveys on plant revamp projects

    3D laser surveying has become an important enabler of efficient plant revamp and upgrade projects. This AVEVA Business Paper describes how plant owner operators and engineering contractors can gain maximum value from this powerful technology, to reduce the cost, risk and downtime of plant modification projects.

    Topics covered include:

    • Planning the project
    • Planning the scan
    • Selecting the best tools
    • Creating accurate deliverables
    • Planning the installation
    • Reasons to consider AVEVA / LFM solutions

    Readers will gain valuable insight into avoiding common mistakes in the use of laser scanning and ways in which 3D scan data can become a valuable asset for plant lifecycle management.

    AVEVA's Laser Technology Solutions:

    AVEVA Laser Modeller

    AVEVA Laser Modeller uses 3D laser scan surveys to reverse-engineer intelligent, accurate as-built 3D plant models in PDMS, rapidly and at low cost. It gives the prospect of affordable intelligent models for all Owner Operators. It semi-automatically selects the appropriate intelligent items from the PDMS catalogue, including piping, steelwork and equipment.

    AVEVA Laser Model Interface

    AVEVA Laser Model Interface brings the real world into AVEVA Plant or AVEVA Marine by fusing datacentric 3D design with high-definition laser scan surveys. Once captured, 3D survey data can be shared and exploited across an entire AVEVA project.

    AVEVA NET IntelliLaser

    Turning 3D laser survey data into a rich data source for plant management, AVEVA NET IntelliLaser is a unique web-based product that automatically associates 3D laser scan data with the corresponding 3D plant design model and all its associated information.

    AVEVA NET IntelliLaser is based on AVEVA NET and uses LFM Software's NetView technology.

    LFM Server

    LFM Server allows users to work with pre-registered 3D laser scan data. Using InfiniteCore technology you can compile point cloud databases from an unlimited number of scans, clash detect as-built data against a proposed design, and interface with 3D design solutions from AVEVA or other leading vendors. An integral solution for any Brownfield project.

    LFM Modeller

    With LFM Modeller, you can rapidly convert high-definition scan data into intelligent 3D models and export them into a number of 3D CAD systems.

    (Note: For use purely with AVEVA PDMS, because of the need for intelligent deliverables we recommend the use of AVEVA Laser Modeller in preference to LFM Modeller.)

    LFM NetView

    LFM NetView is a web-based laser scan viewing application which enables secure access to LFM Server databases across an entire enterprise, via the Internet. It allows access to projects by an unlimited number of users, and can be provided as a hosting service. LFM NetView is also available in stand-alone mode.

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