The Nava Raipur Smart City: Quality of life, smart growth, and city resilience


  • Construct a world-class greenfield smart city.
  • Achieve high livability through civic operational efficiency.
  • Develop an infrastructure and operations plan to underpin optimized city management.


  • To deliver the first environmentally sustainable smart city as the new capital of Chhattisgarh state.
  • To use optimized solutions to meet the needs of citizens and businesses.
  • To enhance quality of life through safe, efficient, sustainable civic amenities and planning systems.


  • Real-time insight and management of critical infrastructure systems across the city.
  • Better management of supply and demand for crucial civic services including water, street-lighting, electrical and sewerage services, in real time.
  • Nava Raipur was designated a lighthouse for the Indian Government’s National Smart Cities Mission.

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