Robotics for the Increasingly Automated Agriculture Industry

Market Intelligence predicts a rise of agricultural robots with an industry reach of $73.9 billion in 2024.  Among the types of robots used for agricultural purposes, driverless tractors, agricultural drones, and irrigation pivots, will drive the expansion the most.

This growth in demand is fueled by a growing population, the need for farmers to produce crops more efficiently, climate change, personnel costs, and the growing automation of the agriculture industry. There is a huge nascent market for automated tractors, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), materials management, field crops and forest management, soil management, dairy management, and animal management.

This certainly echoes what AVEVA has heard from users of AVEVA Edge in the agricultural industry.  An AVEVA customer tells us “Every part of the process is automated. Tractors drive themselves via satellite connectivity, and the corn rows are so accurate that rows can be alternated year over year and prevent an additional need to till the soil. Now plowing only needs to occur every other year.”

With farms shrinking and margins tight, automation is one of the best ways to improve farm efficiency, and today’s agricultural equipment manufacturers are quickly finding ways to improve equipment so that it can send and receive data in the cloud, preform Big Data functionalities, and allow farmers to find ways that they can improve operations year over year.

Learn more about some of the ways AVEVA Edge has been used for Agricultural applications:

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