Latest Advanced Process Control 2019 SP1 release monitors application performance to keep high APC utilization

Posted: October 7, 2019

We’re excited to announce the release of Advanced Process Control 2019 SP1 packed with new features which include web-based Advanced Process Control (APC) performance monitoring, Deep Learning algorithms as well as tools simplifying APC project workflow which results in shorter project execution time and application maintenance. 

Monitor APC performance via APC Web

APC Web allows to monitor APC performance through a web browser. It calculates KPIs which measure the performance of APC and will alert the user when its performance degrades. It also includes custom KPI configuration to create metrics specific to the process that Advanced Process Control is controlling. As a result, the plant continuously monitors the actual value Advanced Process Control brings to the process. All the KPIs are visualized in the form of tables and trends which can be exported into a report.

Monitor the APC controller variables in real-time via web interface

Monitor APC performance KPIs in real-time via web interface

Create custom KPIs specific to your process to know value APC brings in real-time

Deep Learning algorithms

Introduction of Deep Learning algorithms expands the use of APC into the territory of nonlinear process behavior. By using Neural Network (NN) modelling tools as well as NN predictors the software will predict process quality properties in-between lab samples, in case there is no availability of analyzer measurements.

Neural Network predicted value (orange trend) against validation process data (green trend)

The Neural Network algorithms included in Advanced Process Control 2019 SP1 are the foundation of Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) that can monitor flue gas emissions which act as a cost-effective alternative to Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) which are hardware based.

Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS)

  • The NN model takes as inputs the readily-available process measurements.
  • Predicts how the emission species will respond to the current values of these parameters
  • Generates predicted values in real time 

PEMS Key Advantages

Minimize project execution time with simplified workflows

AVEVA’s software is created with the user in mind. Advanced Process Control 2019 SP1 includes user-friendly workflows which assist the APC engineer throughout the project execution. The engineer uses one software application from start to finish of an APC project. This results in full traceability of previous actions. Additionally, this release places a focus on minimum number of clicks per task to minimize the time it takes the user to create an APC controller. This shortens overall project execution time as well as maintenance of Advanced Process Control.

User-friendly interface allows to create multiple modelling scenarios to choose best data fit

Current Advanced Process Control users notice

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