AVEVA and OSIsoft: Information and intelligence combine, to redefine performance


Craig Hayman: 2020 underlined the crucial role that industries play in delivering on the essential needs of life in the face of massive change. From pharmaceuticals and food to energy and transportation, virtually no sector was untouched. Agility is no longer just a competitive advantage; it’s an existential necessity, and that imperative will continue throughout 2021.

AVEVA’s goal as a leader in industrial software is to continually sharpen our vision for how we help industries plan for what’s next, showing how we’ll walk with them every step along that path, shaping the sustainable industries of the future.

The good news is that with disruption comes opportunity. We’ve joined forces with OSIsoft to reimagine what’s possible and to drive the agility our customers need.

We call this Performance Intelligence, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you why we are so excited about this.

Performance Intelligence connects the power of information and artificial intelligence with human insight.  It allows your teams to drive performance that’s faster and more accurate, as you build a sustainable future.

How do we do this?

We’re combining trusted and comprehensive industrial data management with world-class software applications that span engineering and operations. Together, we can enable industries to be more resilient and agile. Our customers—representing the essential industries that make the world run more smoothly—can collaborate, innovate and respond in real time with their customers and partners.

What’s changing – and what’s constant

Pat Kennedy: Over 40 years, OSIsoft earned a reputation for precision, reliability, and trust across diverse industries. We chose AVEVA as a partner because we want to preserve these qualities and build on them. So that’s not new.

Both companies were founded on open and agnostic principles.  That, too, will never change.

But there are also some exciting changes. We know that the systems of the future will span many different customers, systems, and information. We now represent a scope and scale the industry has never seen. We expect that need will drive current and future applications. This is a journey, not a project.

Craig: I agree, Pat.  You often talk about a “data infrastructure.” I think of it in terms of how water flows from its sources in mountains and lakes, to cities and farms. It travels through an infrastructure that simply requires us to turn the tap for the clean water that we need. Imagine if we could make quality data flow through and between organizations and into the hands of experts, wherever they may be, just as easily.

We are committed to open data solutions because they capture the information from equipment in the same way that water flows from a stream into the systems that need it.  Our advanced analytics are looking at all that data as it flows past, converting it to more useful or more easily consumed information.  By monitoring trends, we can use our analytics to spark insights about what is happening -- even  anticipate what will happen and decide where and when to fish. Data, like water, has inherent value itself – but the scope and scale of where it’s flowing can shape and accelerate your strategies. With our combined offerings, you can see the detail of both.

Pat: Exactly—you could put a million sensors on a power plant and make it sing. But if you take the same million sensors and put them over 100 power plants, the inherent value is many times bigger. The scale is the same, but the scope is different. Scope means you’re casting your net to span not just a plant but an entire enterprise, community, or even global ecosystem.

Craig: We see the power of this scale and scope every day in the companies we already serve together.

For example, one of the world's largest food and beverage companies is a joint customer known for its innovation.  This business wants to drive cost efficiency and create a holistic view of the manufacturing lifecycle. Combining AVEVA and OSIsoft capabilities, the team created a single digital thread that spans the entire lifecycle from process simulation, engineering design, project execution, operations control, value chain optimisation, and asset performance enabling massive time and efficiency savings for them every day.

Now that AVEVA and OSIsoft have come together, we look forward to doing even more to support and accelerate companies’ unique visions for digital transformation.

Illuminating what’s next

Pat:   Our goals have always been to empower the people who are driving essential industries with the rich, reliable data they need to deliver more for their customers. Together, we can deliver on this vision in a way that I believe will change the world, as we say, shape a sustainable future. Welcome to our new mission, I can’t wait to get started.

Craig: So, what is the ultimate goal of our combined company? We’re empowering human intelligence to drive sustainable performance. This is not a small addition to our portfolio. It’s a complete transformation. I’m excited about where we’re going to, and Performance Intelligence is how we’re going to take you there.

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