AVEVA APC 2020 SP1: Faster time to value thanks to new inferential sensor calculations

Posted: November 11, 2021

During a time of reduced capital, climbing costs, and increased pressure, AVEVA™ APC’s predictive, advanced process control enables industrial operations to use real-time and historical data to continuously improve production yield, quality, and throughput—and the bottom line. Using direct connections to a variety of automation systems, AVEVA APC analyzes, identifies, and models significant cause-and-effect relationships and gives engineers valuable insights to take action. Now, thanks to new inferential sensor calculations in AVEVA APC 2020 SP1, industrial operations teams can expedite project execution and realize better, faster results.

AVEVA APC 2020 SP1 includes the new Inferentials Viewer. Inferentials Viewer is a web-based module of AVEVA APC which allows operators to interact with inferential sensor calculations using a web browser. Operators can manually enter lab results or updates done automatically using data from LIMS. Inferentials Viewer enables industrial operations to build this type of interface in the DCS, eliminating dependency on the DCS vendor and shortening project execution.


AVEVA APC: A comprehensive, user-focused solution

In addition to Inferentials Viewer, AVEVA APC 2020 SP1 also includes:

  • APC Model Tool: Compare and convolve APC models and print, convolute, and analyze controller model sets.
    • For more information see the APC Model Tool section in the AVEVA APC Engineering Interface User Guide.
  • Additional Enhancements:
    • AVEVA APC Web Interface: Quickly populate and switch between views of the AVEVA APC web trends.
    • AVEVA APC Online/Offline: Easily view data when using a range greater than the data available; support rejection of project names with invalid characters.
    • Controller/Optimizer Overview: Change the mode without opening the configuration window; view high and low constraint on the overview page in AVEVA APC Online/Offline.

Learn more about the benefit of AVEVA APC here.

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