Announcing the release of AVEVA Process Optimization 2020!

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Posted: 12 March, 2021

ROMeo Process Optimization is now AVEVA Process Optimization!

The ROMeo product that you have grown to appreciate & love over the last 2 decades has been renamed AVEVA Process Optimization.

ROMeo isn’t alone!

AVEVA is re-naming a lot of their products to better reflect their functional value in industry.

We settled on AVEVA Process Optimization, even though the product does so much more than optimization because there wasn’t a proper name that encompassed all that AVEVA Process Optimization can do.

Regardless of the name, AVEVA is committed to continuous improving our software, and AVEVA Process Optimization 2020 is no exception. This release is more than just a name change!

Here is an overview of what is in AVEVA Process Optimization 2020!


  • Column flooding calculation
  • New macro commands
  • Insight and eDNA interface
  • Improvements to MINLP functionality
  • Simplified modelling - mapping of sensitivities to gain unit
  • Simplified modelling – Fractionation Index based column


  • Online help (more context sensitive instead of just bring up pdf)
  • Component updated to various components like Spiral, SIM4ME Portal, and thermodynamics
  • Reactors: Coal Gasification and improvement to current reactor models
  • New macro commands available to TCL scripting
  • Ongoing effort to resolve defects as they are reported

New clients:

  • Python (by request)
  • Web service through IIS (by request)

New Components:

  • Analytics
  • Optimization Monitoring

A comprehensive list and the details regarding specific additions, updates, and supported operating systems can be found in “Welcome to AVEVA Process Optimization 2020” and in the product user guides.


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