AVEVA World 2023: How industry can unlock a sustainable and connected future

Posted: November 10, 2023

At AVEVA World 2023, I was excited to see the community of partners and customers who gathered from all corners of the globe to learn from one another, build connections and spark ingenuity. AVEVA World was a true demonstration of how we can break down silos, leverage trusted data, and embrace digital transformation to collectively build a connected industrial future that is not only profitable but, more importantly, also sustainable.

In a century marked by exponential growth, the imperative to do more with less has never been more critical. The planet, burdened by the weight of excessive waste, now demands a shift towards sustainability. Governments and civil societies globally are uniting to enforce stringent sustainability targets.

The path to mastering this challenge is no secret: digital transformation, the art of connecting the unconnected.

At AVEVA, we are committed to leading this transformation, leveraging deep skills, and collaborating with industry experts to drive innovation and pave the way to a sustainable and connected future.

Here are just a few highlights from AVEVA World 2023 that showcase how we can transform business and secure a brighter future by working together.

Unified data accelerate industrial innovation

Success in a connected ecosystem depends on our ability to dismantle silos and ensure that everyone in the value chain operates from the same set of data. Yet, a staggering 70% of industrial companies struggle with digital transformation. Why? The hurdles are a clear lack of expertise, a deficiency in operational technology (OT) skills within IT, and the weight of legacy systems.

For those who navigate these challenges successfully, the rewards are remarkable.

Successful digital transformation drives higher profitability, greater return on investment, and according to the World Economic Forum, up to 20% better energy efficiency.

At AVEVA, transformation is not just about adopting new tools; it's about leveraging data intelligently.

It’s about facilitating the seamless integration of trusted data, human insight, and cutting-edge technology for transformative success in a connected ecosystem.

When industrial intelligence is available to every stakeholder with an integrated ecosystem, players build on each other’s successes. As a result, these symbiotic relationships can deliver sustainable growth for all participants.

Unlocking the value of a global ecosystem

Our journey to build a connected ecosystem revolves around the transformative power of AVEVA Connect, our groundbreaking platform that opens up new opportunities to collaborate, innovate and grow value for customers, partners, and consumers.

Designed to empower businesses at every stage of the cycle and seamlessly bring together disparate data in a global environment, Connect is more than a software—it’s the nucleus of a revolution, reshaping the way businesses operate.

Today, customers using Connect are not only leveraging technology to add business value but are experiencing first-hand its other major advantage: enhanced employee engagement. As we expand and bring others onto this platform, we see Connect as a gateway to an entire world of analytics, a command-and-control center that transcends screens and devices.

If we’ve learned one thing amid all the disruption we are seeing, it’s that trusted data in context becomes the bedrock for industrial AI.

Just this year, we announced our expanded strategic partnership with Microsoft, to drive digital transformation and sustainability for industrial customers and better prepare them to incorporate AI in key industries across the world. Using Microsoft's cloud capabilities, AVEVA will leverage its deep industry expertise and software portfolio to ensure end-to-end support for industrial businesses, so they are equipped better to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands.

Collaborating to build a connected, sustainable tomorrow

Essential to success is one indispensable element—YOU.

At AVEVA World, we brought together thousands of years’ worth of industrial expertise. Collectively, we constitute the most significant industrial ecosystem globally. As we harness this vast reservoir of knowledge, we are not merely sharing experiences; we are cultivating a genuine culture of collaboration. The immense benefits extend to every area of the business world.

Together, we are architects of a new era, where the collective wisdom of the past converges with the innovation of the future. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey.

I am looking forward to all that lies ahead.

Let's continue to collaborate, innovate, and drive positive change for a more sustainable tomorrow. Let’s continue to connect the future together.

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