Capital project execution: unified, in a whole new way.

Posted: April 22, 2020

Now, more than ever before, the world is experiencing in real-time how much we depend on being connected.

While we currently cannot unify in person the way we are used to, there are bounds of opportunities to connect and align digitally as you have surely witnessed, with the influx of coffee chats, web-based workouts & remote education efforts.

Many of AVEVA’s customers have taken advantage of cloud offers to help access their data once tied up in on-premise systems, and to streamline business continuity in the “new normal.” We have also been talking to many of our customers, looking for other ways to support them in leveraging our solutions further to streamline their most critical project and operational activities.

Unify Screenshot

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Connected, Integrated or Unified?

As you can see above, to Unify means to make or become united, uniform, or whole. So, when we talk about project execution, what does Unified really mean? Simply put, Unified Project Execution creates a layer of project protection by aligning people to processes and driving connected decision making through applied technology.

Made clear from the definition, unification does not necessarily mean integration. And in the case of AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution approach, this is intentional.

As anyone who is familiar with Advanced Work Packaging knows, engineers from different disciplines often do their work congruently on the same part of a plant, and as such, they benefit greatly from sharing common information to help them avoid propagating manually which is error prone and time consuming. In the execution phase, the project moves into the physical world (as opposed to the digital), and therefore sequencing work on a common piece of equipment is usual best practice.

This is why project managers and construction and contract teams strive for efficiency, transparency and control. This is best achieved through focused functions, but unified processes.

Every project team awards and manages contracts, deals with construction materials and plans and packages up the execution of work. Such teams don’t necessarily need insight into everything that others are doing, but by creating a framework for these critical execution phases to align actions to a common purpose creates project efficiencies not realized with disparate systems.

Unified Project Execution

Project execution has never been more challenging than it is today, but we’re here to help you stay on track. To learn more, view our Unified Project Execution website linked below. Or if you're ready to get started on improving decision making, reducing non-productive time and expenses, and de-risking your capital project, read our latest whitepaper Protect Your Projects: A Guide to CAPEX Risk Management.

Project complexity is rising, and the tolerance for risk is low. Learn how AVEVA can help you to form a layer of risk protection around your next project by aligning your people and processes for complete contract control and efficient resource management.

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