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Dispatches from AVEVA World 2023

Posted: December 14, 2023

If you value the direct testimony of customers using industrial software to improve their operational results, the AVEVA World conference held October 24 to 26 in San Francisco was a great place to be. I’m the kind of geek who doesn’t just want to hear the business-level results—though dollars saved and reduced downtime are clearly worthy objectives. I want to hear the story beneath the surface: What, specifically, did the company do differently to achieve those results? And that is exactly what the speakers delivered.

Industrial operations has been digitally transforming for years now, and new use cases just keep emerging. I guess it’s no surprise that giving engineers and analysts more data to work with ends up delivering a wide range of benefits and measurable improvements—reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity, fewer outages, improved quality. At this conference, there was no shortage of details on implementation steps and technology enhancements.

Here are a few examples to convince you to check out sessions available on demand —it’s a great way to learn from peers in your industry. Many speakers are first-time presenters at AVEVA World who delivered compelling sessions on the value they’ve created in their organizations.

Powering more results with centralized grid data

Adani Power is the largest private thermal power producer in India, with plants in nine locations that each use different proprietary software solutions, making it difficult to aggregate and analyze data across the company. Challenges in India’s power sector over the past few years motivated the company to adopt best-in-class technologies to improve results. Deploying a centralized data layer as the foundation for critical power scheduling systems on AVEVA™ PI System™ has given operators reliable information from which to make better operating decisions. Having relevant, accurate information from across the entire grid has allowed the company to realize operating efficiencies, reduce commercial losses, and boost profitability.

What’s data worth in context? $50M more

Albemarle has been transforming essential resources into critical ingredients since 1887 and has a current focus on energy storage and specialty chemicals. The company delivered a comprehensive presentation on how an intelligent data layer with integrated analytics based on AVEVA PI System is feeding essential real-time data to more than 200 continuous improvement projects in the company and delivering measurable results. Albemarle’s experience illustrates how making granular, real-time data easily available to domain experts helps them make breakthrough observations and take decisive action. The asset framework and event frame features of AVEVA PI System in particular help decision-makers add context to raw data streams and develop insight about operations. Albemarle estimates that its intelligent data layer has created more than $50 million in value by reducing environmental incidents, reducing operating costs, and supporting revenue enhancement.

Keeping communities safer with data sharing

EPCOR builds, owns and operates utility transmission and distribution networks and wastewater treatment facilities in Canada and the United States. The increased risk of large rainfall events has necessitated a new approach to reduce the impact of urban flooding, so they implemented AVEVA PI System to predict and manage the movement of stormwater through smart sensors and technologies that integrate into the water collection system. Presenters showed how making this data available to more users and analytic applications has allowed EPCOR to increase public safety, respond more quickly to storm events, and save tens of thousands in regulatory fines.


These are just a handful of the many sessions showing how AVEVA PI System, the world’s most trusted industrial data platform, lets you collect, enrich, analyze and visualize what is happening in your daily operations. With greater visibility and the ability to share data visualization with colleagues in other locations, you, too, can drive business value and eliminate inefficiencies. Discover more insights from the presentations at AVEVA World 2023 in our archive.


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