Extract Maximum Value from Your Process

If you haven’t been using AVEVA™ APC then you probably not been as profitable as possible.

Advanced Process Control (APC) software allows you to reduce process variability and increase profitability.

AVEVA APC helps address complex manufacturing challenges with state-of-the-art automatic control solutions that can extract maximum value from your processes.

  • It can improve production yield and quality and reduce energy consumption.
  • It can help you optimize manufacturing operations and make the performance improvements you need to improve your bottom line continuously.

AVEVA APC is comprehensive because AVEVA is constantly improving it.

The release of AVEVA APC 2020 is no exception.

Here are the highlights from the release.

  • OSI PI communication: Connection between AVEVA APC OSI PI SDK greatly enhances the ability for AVEVA APC to communicate with the process. This decreases cost of ownership and increases usability.
  • Model Quality Statistics: Improved monitoring of the APC model that enhances the precision of the model and detects dynamic model deterioration. This decreases cost of ownership by reducing model maintenance time and keeping the model at peak performance. 
  • Workflow enhancements: A tool is only good if you can use it! The user interface to AVEVA APC was made much easier in this release. Increasing usability decreases your total cost of ownership and allows you to attain maximum benefit from the software. 

You can learn more here: AVEVA™ APC

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