Global survey highlights surging data analytics demand and growth opportunities for subscription models

Posted: August 11, 2022

Most industrial enterprises worldwide now favor predictive analytics as a route to achieving their sustainability targets. That’s according to a recent survey of AVEVA channel partners.

Nearly three quarters (73.8%) of AVEVA channel respondents said customers are looking for technologies that provide predictive analytics that support their sustainability goals.

What’s more, the majority of respondents (76%) said the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and the edge are of paramount importance for these customers.

As industrial establishments begin their digital transformation journey, they are evidently embarking on digitizing and integrating their industrial sensor data –especially those that are positioned on the edge of their networks.

AVEVA and its channel partners are well positioned to integrate this data through the three core packages of AVEVA Operations Control: Edge, Supervisory and Enterprise.

Massive subscriptions opportunity

The AVEVA channel survey also revealed untapped opportunities for partners to promote and cross-sell subscription software solutions.

Companies of all sizes report an interest in subscription-based solutions. However, the interest is highest among customer organizations with revenues of $50 million or under (44%).

The oil and gas sector is considered most ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of adopting subscription offerings (14.1%), although it is closely followed by mining and metal (12%), and infrastructure (10.9%).

Legacy software solution models, especially in the area of plant floor and control room products, remain in mainstream use with industrial customers. About 64% of channel partners say that less than 10% of customers are using subscription models.

Taken together, these findings highlight a major opportunity for channel partners to target increased subscriptions take up within the industrial software sector.

Leveraging AVEVA Flex

In line with the recent launch of AVEVA Operations Control as an AVEVA Flex subscription offer, we predict that industrial decision makers will begin to clearly see the efficiencies available in their digital transformation programs.

AVEVA channel partners can leverage AVEVA Operations Control to address Industrial IoT, cloud, remote edge management, multi-site supervisory control, thanks to the AVEVA Flex Subscription program.

These solutions provide a comprehensive suite of tools for plant, field, control room, and enterprise teams to accelerate operational excellence. The AVEVA Operations Control software subscription allows end customers to utilize all of its products, the way they want to utilize them.

AVEVA is the only industrial and infrastructure software vendor to offer full portfolio coverage under subscription, with the flexibility to maintain perpetual licensing in the deployment mix.

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