Improving Process Economics with Advanced Process Control

Posted: March 30, 2020

Comprehensive Advanced Process Control from AVEVA helps address complex manufacturing challenges with state-of-the-art automatic control solutions that can extract maximum value from your processes. This is increasingly important in today’s economic environment where manufactures are constantly adjusting their operating conditions to adapt to changing market conditions. AVEVA™ APC  software includes model predictive control technology that improves your process economics by helping to adjust operating conditions in a controlled manner. This greatly improves production yield and quality as well as reduces energy consumption. AVEVA™ APC  helps optimize manufacturing operations and make the performance improvements to continuously improve the bottom line.

              The recent release of AVEVA™ APC  2019 SP2 illustrates AVEVA’s commitment to continuously improving their software. The most important feature of this release is the Quadratic Programming (QP) solution in the Linear Program (LP) Optimizer. The LP Optimizer includes a choice between simplex LP solution or QP solution for each controlled variable in the Optimizer. The QP solution is used to distribute the constraint error between the controlled variables. This prevents having one controlled variable constrained with other controlled variables with much larger constraint errors. The QP solution has many industrial applications. One such example is a furnace pass balancing application. A balanced furnace has equal outlet temperatures for each pass achieved by adjusting the flow through each pass while maintaining the total flow rate. Balanced furnace passes are important for the furnace health (reduces cracking and coking) and operating cost (reducing furnace fuel consumption).

AVEVA™ APC  is a comprehensive advanced process control software that improves process profitability by enhancing quality, increasing throughput, and reducing energy usage. It uses modern, state-of-the art technology to provide automatic control systems that are capable of releasing process potential across multiple industries including Refining, Petrochemical, Mining and Food and Beverage.

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