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Posted: April 16, 2019

Get out from the control room with process graphics at your fingertips

For regular followers of this blog, you know how much I enjoy announcing new features to our cloud-platform (especially when they're really cool). Well this is one of them!

Drum roll... cloud visualisation is now available in AVEVA Insight!

What's new in AVEVA Insight?

  • Unlock control room data with cloud visualisation
  • Easy to build process graphics
  • Available now

Unlock control room data with cloud visualisation

AVEVA Insight is specifically designed to help operational users do their jobs - better, faster and more efficiently. The new cloud visualisation capabilities allow users to unlock data from the control room using simple, yet effective process graphics. This enables you to build a pictorial representation of your tags, that dynamically indicate the value of your tags.

AVEVA Insight delivers accurate, real-time information directly, and securely, to all your operational teams to help drive collaboration between Maintenance, Engineering, Continuous Improvement, and Operational teams with everyone accessing the same information, at the same time, in a way that is easier to digest.

Simple drag and drop method to build process graphics in the cloud with AVEVA Insight

Easy to build process graphics

Using the new cloud visualisation capabilities is simple! Just drag, drop and edit the different elements to build a graphical representation of your process. Save the content to give your teams immediate access to the live status of your process - whenever, or wherever they need. Quickly create operational dashboards for a snapshot of process performance.

Discover more about graphics, how to graphically display your tags, and how to create a graphic.

Available now

Since AVEVA Insight is a cloud-based subscription, this capability has already been made available to our users, across all of our environments (EuropeUSA, Australia)! To get started simply sign-in and follow the prompts.

This functionality builds on existing abilities such as data storage, operational charts and dashboards, machine learning newsfeed, and utilization, production tracking and OEE features to deliver users an even more complete view of process performance.

For those of you who are still new to AVEVA Insight, why not try it for yourself? Discover how Insight can help "get you out from behind the desk" and stay fully operational:

Start your free, 45-day trial today. Sign up now:

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