Insight | May 2019 update

Posted: May 29, 2019

Make better operational decisions with insight

It may have started life as an online historian but AVEVA Insight has evolved into so much more... now its a cloud-based platform for operational continuity. What makes me say that? Well, over the last year or so we have seen the introduction of process graphics, condition management capabilities, production performance and equipment utilisation analysis, tighter integration with mobile, better on-boarding experience with the Insight Assistant, and so much more.

This month we see a continued focus on delivering the functionality you need to do your job more effectively. Read on to discover more...

What's new in AVEVA Insight?

  • More advanced alerting
  • Extensions to the Efficiency model

More advanced alerting

This month marks the next phase of bringing condition management to the cloud. Now you have the ability to monitor multiple tags within a single alert, as well as trigger an action whenever an alert condition is met. In the web experience we have also tweaked the workflow for creating an alert - placing an alert from the line chart means we can pre-populate the condition values to exactly match the scenario on the line chart.

Condition-based monitoring in the cloud with multi-tag alerts in AVEVA Insight

We have also added the ability to take an action when an alert condition is met, for example raising a work request. First create an Azure Logic App (within your own Azure subscription), and then tie it to AVEVA Insight using the Alert Custom Actions tab in the Administration portal. When you configure the alert you can then choose for the custom action to be run... and away you go!

Configure a custom action to be run whenever an alert is triggered

Extensions to the Efficiency model

We have added the ability to populate utilisation reasons from tag values. This is configured through the Utilisation Reason Tags sheet in the Efficiency area of the Administration portal, much like setting up the equipment model in previous update.

Utilisation reason groups allows for easier reporting of common concepts such as Planned versus Unplanned stoppages.

AVEVA Insight efficiency model now allows you to populate utilisation reasons to tag values

Combined with KPI Historisation that was made available in December, recording and tracking equipment utilisation is now more automated than ever before.

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