Missed AVEVA PI World? Get the highlights here and stream sessions on-demand

Posted: June 27, 2022

  • Five billion data points analyzed per day
  • 45 pieces of combustion equipment monitored
  • $33 million saved
  • 20x ROI

These are just some of the successes highlighted at last month’s AVEVA PI World in Amsterdam.

Just a few short weeks ago, 1163 attendees from around the world had the opportunity to hear from 162 speakers, watch numerous presentations, and attend 20 learning labs to discover how teams from numerous industries are using AVEVA™ PI System and the AVEVA technology portfolio to build, shape, and transform their organizations. From accelerated vaccine development timelines to increased sustainable energy production, companies are finding new and exciting ways to do more with operational data.

Did you miss out on AVEVA PI World this year? Here are some of the best data points from AVEVA PI World—and sessions on-demand.

Five billion

The number of daily data points from 12 internal systems that Petronas boiled down into one end-to-end, real-time view of operations.

$33 million

The amount Petronas saved through early detection of anomalies on 380 different types of equipment. Overall, the company reaped 20x ROI and increased OEE by 0.1% per plant.


The number of life-saving vaccines Pfizer brought to market in record time using PI System data.


The number of refineries where TotalEnergies rapidly deployed PI System component Asset Framework templates for efficient energy and emissions monitoring, breaking down data silos and allowing teams to use the same source of truth to make decisions.

Two million

The number of data streams from regional wind farms streamed into the cloud using AVEVA Data Hub, enabling EDP Renewables teams to obtain operational KPIs.


The level of real-time access the Great Lakes Water Authority had to its data from 55+ facilities and 500+ remote facilities, which helped increase PI System adoption across the organization.


The plant reliability percentage SCG Chemicals achieved using predictive tools—and saved 40% on maintenance costs.


The number of sold-out learning labs attended by users.

Still want more? Here are some of the other top talks from AVEVA PI World 2022.

Chemicals: Air Liquide uses PI System component Asset Framework as a cornerstone to ensure continuous operations while improving operations and safety. Evonik takes its first step toward digital twin technology for its existing plants using the AVEVA portfolio, including AVEVA Engineering and AVEVA Engage.

Consumer Products: PI System enables Danone to get the right people the right information at the right time to improve plant efficiency. Sanofi used PI System as the foundation for its biotechnological production facility to enable real-time monitoring and analytics. C&D Foods deployed AVEVA Batch Management to handle complex recipes, ensure 100% ingredient traceability, and improve transparency into ingredient and utility usage within the facility.

Process Industries: Klabin uses PI System and AVEVA Predictive Analytics to detect potential failures early to increase the availability of equipment and overall reliability of pulp and paper operations. Oyak Cement’s PI System is paired with artificial intelligence tools to aid decarbonization efforts.

Manufacturing: Michelin is standardizing operations around PI System, which is laying the foundation for rapid worldwide deployment and advanced analytics. HENN uses AVEVA Data Hub to optimize assembly machine performance and reliability—all in the cloud.

Transportation: IDS is taking a new approach to fleet management using real-time, actionable telematics, edge technologies, and AVEVA OCS to gain insights into industrial vehicle performance. Using PI System, Mitsubishi built a platform for real-time remote monitoring to understand the operational status of new transportation systems.

Many thanks to every attendee, speaker, and team member who made this event a success. See you at our next AVEVA World conference in San Francisco, 14 – 17 November.


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