Missed AVEVA World San Francisco?

Here’s a roundup of the conference’s top talks.

Posted: December 19, 2022

At AVEVA, we’re growing every year–and not just in terms of the software solutions we offer. AVEVA World, our annual conference, is no exception. This November, over 2,500 software professionals, experts, and industrial leaders from around the globe came together in San Francisco to share, learn, and inspire one another.

From keynotes to hands-on training sessions to customer presentations, the conference connects attendees within the industrial community, so they can stay up to date on the latest innovations in industrial software. As AVEVA Chief Operating Officer Caspar Herzberg said in his keynote, “AVEVA is about bringing together decades of innovation.”

This year, we had over 100 customer presentations, 60 exhibitors, and 40 hands-on learning labs. If you missed the conference, you haven’t missed the boat on the presentations. We’ve bookmarked AVEVA World highlights here, and you can stream all presentations on-demand here free of charge.

AVEVA executives take the stage

“No one knows your data better than AVEVA,” said AVEVA Chief R&D officer Andrew McCloskey in his keynote. “We know asset frameworks. We know the calculation engines. We know the best views. We’re infusing everything with advanced simulation and AI.” Learn how to combine digital twins, data, and experience to accelerate your digital transformation, and how AVEVA solutions can take you there.

Want a bird’s-eye view of AVEVA’s products? AVEVA Chief Product Officer Rob McGreevy offers a tour of the AVEVA product roadmap. The future for industry is bright–and connected. Learn how the connected industrial economy will unlock opportunities within industries and how the right industrial cloud platform can set you ahead.

Spotlight on industry talks

Leaders from a wide range of sectors shared their industry-specific insights and experiences. Here are a few of the highlights.


Chocolate producer Barry Callebaut took a digital approach to creating the perfect bar of chocolate. The company used AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System to create the backbone of its smart factory strategy, improving productivity by over 10%.

Pfizer used a data-centric approach to operations to innovate at the speed of light and deliver the world's first mRNA vaccine in record time, saving billions of lives.


Eastman Chemical used the asset framework capability of AVEVA™ PI System™ to manage and synchronize alarms on-site, greatly improving the workplace environment and productivity.

Marine, transportation, and infrastructure

ABS Digital Solutions (ABS) put AVEVA PI System to work in its My Digital Fleet risk management platform. The platform uses advanced analytics to help ABS’s maritime customers drive sustainable operations, reduce operational risk, and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Water and wastewater

Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources used AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center to collect half a million data points from water production plants, distribution and transmission networks, and hundreds of water collection points. With its new unified platform, Gwinnett County could improve performance, optimize water production, and cut energy consumption.

Process industries

International Paper reduced energy usage in their recovery boilers with AVEVA™ Advanced Process Control, saving fuel costs and decreasing their carbon footprint.

Oil and gas

Shell put a comprehensive digital twin to work in its refining operations. Suncor Energy optimized asset performance with AI-driven insights and predictive analytics. BP is using multiple AVEVA solutions to work toward its net-zero emissions goal.

There’s more. AVEVA World is just a click away.

There are over 100 presentations from AVEVA World to explore, and they’re searchable by industry. Access the entire database of presentations here.

We hope to see you for AVEVA World 2023 in San Francisco next year, October 23 – 26.


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