Solving the most pressing issues across the oil, gas and energy value chain

Dispatches from AVEVA World 2023

Posted: December 20, 2023

Last month, we welcomed more than 600 oil and gas customers to AVEVA World in San Francisco, where they shared amazing stories about how they’re using the latest AVEVA technology. We heard how they are solving some of the most pressing issues across the oil, gas, and energy value chain—from production operations to refining, petrochemicals, and new energies.

Energy customers described how they’re using AVEVA’s foundational information management platforms alongside our advanced applications and analytics to improve production outcomes, minimize and manage emissions, and drive improved field and enterprise decision-making. Some of the key highlights included:

  • Yinson, one of the world’s largest floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) contractors, told us about Project Polaris, its initiative for developing sustainable, autonomous FPSOs. The company has maximized equipment and vessel performance and optimized maintenance decisions with AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics and AVEVA™ Asset Strategy Optimization. Management teams can access useful information through AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center’s powerful holistic displays about the status of FPSO operations. The displays bring together asset health, engineering, and production data in one place, which improves decision-making across the organization.
  • Speakers from PETRONAS shared another great example from the upstream world. The company’s upstream teams were losing time dealing with massive amounts of data and the different systems to process and analyze it. To increase efficiency, PETRONAS developed the Upstream Surface Data Platform (USDP), a powerful in-house tool using AVEVA™ Asset Information Management and AVEVA™ PI System™. USDP enables PETRONAS teams to easily find engineering and real-time operational data for assets in a simple, consistent, and accurate way, saving time and effort.

  • Liquified natural gas (LNG) is a key subject in discussions about energy security and the role natural gas will play in the energy transition. Franz Field, a digital leader at Cameron LNG, told us about its digitization journey and how the company partnered with AVEVA to drive operational improvements at its LNG export facility. Franz shared how colleagues were using AVEVA PI System for production optimization and commercial and environmental reporting. He also discussed novel use cases such as using wireless temperature sensors and AVEVA PI System to deal with hot air recirculation—a common challenge for LNG facilities. Cameron LNG has also digitized its field operations with AVEVA™ Mobile Operator, integrating it with AVEVA PI System for its connected worker vision.

  • For refineries, improving plant economics and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions are constant goals. As a result, many refineries have an operational goal of minimizing flaring. PRefChem—a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and PETRONAS, shared how it used AVEVA PI System, particularly the asset framework and AVEVA™ PI Vision™, to develop flaring identification and monitoring tools to enable refinery units to easily identify flare sources. Operations and environmental teams and management are using the tool, which has already enabled a 15% flare reduction. The company plans to develop the tool further to include real-time notifications and more.

The presentations at the AVEVA World 2023 Energy track demonstrated the powerful combination of our customers’ innovation and AVEVA technology. By pairing a strong information management foundation with best-in-class applications and analytics, operators in the energy sector are well positioned to continue improving operations and providing the world with more reliable, affordable, and cleaner energy.

To watch the presentations from AVEVA World 2023, please click here.


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