The future of 3D data capture and visualization is here

Posted: 18 March, 2021

In our constant drive to simplify the complex challenges faced by the industrial capital project industry, AVEVA’s suite of cloud-hosted solutions are unlocking the power of data - helping teams better process, manage, visualize, and use their data. Ultimately, powering greater efficiencies and performance.

When executed on the cloud, AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager, previously known as AVEVA LFM, makes it easy for multiple teams and disciplines to access huge amounts of trusted 3D point cloud data– no matter where in the world they are - all within a few clicks.

Through AVEVA Point Cloud Manager, engineering teams can create, share, and maintain the trusted data they need to optimize greenfield and brownfield capital and maintenance projects effectively. This is achieved by ensuring their asset’s digital twin is accurate, gaining peace of mind that they will be accessing as-is data rather than outdated information from the project phase at handover. Users can also validate or merge the as-is point cloud data with the engineered 3D model for accurate, optimized projects.

So, what’s new?

As well as the new name, we’ve taken the ability to manage massive amounts of 3D  point cloud data on-premises and made it easier, faster, and more secure for engineers to access their massive amounts of 3D scan data from a single hub on the cloud.

Here are just a few of the new features we are excited to introduce in the latest updates to AVEVA Point Cloud Manager on AVEVA Connect:

  • ZFC upload, conversion and dataset generation all through the web-browser powered by cloud technology
  • Automatic Viewer publishing and hosting
  • Auto-expanding floorplan in BubbleView™
  • Direct access to the Administration capability for easier project management

A better, more effective way of working

AVEVA Point Cloud Manager signals an end to the out-dated method of sending hardware containing critical, and sensitive information to multiple teams and stakeholders around the world. Now, they can access and work from the same data without delay.

When teams are aligned around one, trusted source of secure data, the risk of working from outdated visualizations or multiple versions existing are eliminated. Now, 3D point cloud data is delivered exactly where it should be, instantly.

The platform, available on AVEVA’s secure Cloud platform AVEVA™ Connect, creates an accessible, detailed, and secure digital twin to enable data-rich value additions to your digital twin.

With AVEVA Point Cloud Manager on AVEVA Connect, global teams now have an easy and simple way to create, share, and maintain the trusted data they need to optimize brownfield capital and maintenance projects effectively, and their digitalization journey matures.


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