How do you reduce your energy consumption while also maximizing profitability?

Posted: November 16th 2020

Utilize a digital twin of your plant and optimize profitability while accounting for utilities.

Sounds easy, but is it really?

AVEVA’s experience has shown that this operations challenge cannot be achieved by conventional automation and information methods.

Energy optimization today involves switching in and switching out different energy sources depending on market conditions. The rate at which market conditions today are changing makes this even more difficult.

Changing energy sources changes the fundamental process equilibrium of the simulation, which causes problems for traditional nonlinear programming (NLP) solvers.

A mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) solver expands the NLP problem to include a set of integer variables representing the on or off state for which different energy sources must be accounted.

Using the powerful and reliable NLP solver in ROMeo Process Optimization, the MINLP solver solves a series of NLP problems, each with a unique configuration of energy sources.

It uses the branch-and-bound algorithm to prune out infeasible or non-optimal solutions to arrive at the most optimal configuration of energy sources.

Does that make it sound any easier?

Don’t worry, the software does all the calculations for you!

Utilities management and optimization is complex, because multiple energy systems must be managed simultaneously, while energy costs vary throughout the day. AVEVA addresses these challenges with an integrated solution for operators and technical services personnel.

AVEVA offers integrated real-time and right-time optimization functions for operators and the technical services personnel who support them. With the integrated approach, AVEVA combines the functions of operator advice, energy balance, and analysis of energy performance patterns in a single, configurable integrated solution.

We want to help you maximize the trust and impact of your energy solution to reduce your capital, maintenance, and training costs and maximize the return on your investment.

ROMeo Utilities Optimization is the market leading closed-loop real-time optimization platform, which has reduced the skills required to implement and maintain optimization methods and has proven itself in many of the world’s refineries for superior on-stream performance.

The MINLP solver in ROMeo provides three types of utility energy optimization

1.      Through the configuration of utility units

2.      Via the fuel sources used in combustion heating

3.      By parallel process streams in the plant.

Any single ROMeo model application can include all three types.

Intelligence is a real-time optimization component which makes strong use of object management with hierarchies of templates and highly configurable visualization and analysis. The AVEVA solution for utilities optimization uses these as a platform for solution templates.

Utilities consumption is a key profitability lever.

When you use ROMeo Utilities Optimization the profitability lever can be pulled for you to maximize profitability. It is a complicated process, but by using a digital twin of your plant and optimize profitability while accounting for utilities. Learn more about ROMeo Process Optimization here.

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