Simulate the Sustainable Plant of the Future with AVEVA™ Process Simulation

Posted: October 29, 2021

AVEVA Process Simulation was first conceived with the audacious goal of reinventing process simulation. We saw new engineers stuck with software platforms older than they were, trying to design complex and highly integrated plants with linear workflows that limited creativity. We built a modern platform to enable agile engineering and to allow a single model to be used across the engineering lifecycle.

To reinvent industries, reinvent simulation

In the four years since the first product release, the world has changed dramatically, but those changes have only escalated the need for reinvention. Carbon-intensive industries are under investor and government pressure to embrace sustainability. The Chemical industry is moving rapidly to a circular economy model that breaks the connection between growth and resource consumption. By 2050, nearly 60% of plastics production could be based on reuse and recycling1. The changes to the Oil & Gas industry are existential as companies become “Energy” providers. That shift is not simply rebranding – there is real investment and engineering activity driving the Energy Transition. We find ourselves in a time where new engineers develop new processes to make new products in new plants – and they must do it faster than ever. 75% of the emissions reductions necessary to achieve Net Zero depend on technologies that are not mature2. There will never be a better time for reinvention.

AVEVA Process Simulation 2022 enables sustainability

As the industrial world around us embraces Digital Transformation, we are proud to announce the launch of AVEVA Process Simulation 2022. This release continues our commitment to core process engineering innovation while putting sustainability at the heart of the product. Engineers can work smarter now while designing a sustainable world. New features and content include:

  • Renewables Library. Design renewable power generation networks for wind turbines, solar panels, electrical distribution, and hydrogen electrolysis.
  • Greenhouse Gas Calculations. With almost no additional effort, track GHG emissions from the earliest design concept using the same workflows you would use to analyze and optimize profitability and efficiency.
  • Thermodynamics updates. Physical properties are the basis of every simulation and each release includes improvements to thermo functionality.
  • Python scripting interface. Build simulations that leverage your full Digital Transformation using a modern scripting interface for extensions and automation.

The new sustainability features build on core platform capabilities. AVEVA Process Simulation is still the only simulator with seamless switching between process, fluid flow, and dynamic modes. It provides a single environment for a broad range of point solutions including steam balances, compressor design, pressure swing adsorption, and many others.

Raise the prominence of process engineering by creating value

We believe the new focus on sustainability will raise the prominence of process engineering. With ease of use, ease of maintenance, and connectivity to the AVEVA ecosystem, AVEVA Process Simulation helps engineers create value in every phase of the plant lifecycle. Engineering teams can better compete for talent when they offer the opportunity to be a hero instead of a button-presser.

With AVEVA Process Simulation, engineers can design sustainable processes, products, and plants at the speed the market demands. Teams can collaborate across disciplines to explore all dimensions of a potential design and quantify the impact on sustainability, feasibility, and profitability. AVEVA Process Simulation is the first simulation platform to move beyond linear, wasteful workflows to enable a circular, sustainable world.

For more information, watch our recent panel webinar on Building a Sustainable Chemical Industry through Process Simulation or see a 20-minute demonstration of AVEVA Process Simulation.




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