3 Ways Partnerships Help Advance Industrial Sustainability Goals

Microsoft and AVEVA offer a combined, cloud-first ecosystem that empowers customers to onboard business innovation and drive energy efficiency says Kerry Grimes, Head of Global Partners, AVEVA

Posted: June 10, 2022

Partnerships are a powerful way to drive sustainable innovation quickly and effectively. When two entities combine their unique and complementary strengths, tackling looming business challenges becomes easier.

AVEVA and Microsoft Corp. have a decades-long collaboration that dates to the development of the Windows operating system. Through the evolution of each new wave of technology, our joint solutions have enabled customers to convert opportunity into business value, accelerating industrial transformation while embedding sustainability across the value chain.

Now we are extending that value to data-led innovation delivered in the cloud. Highlights from our partnership were on show at Hannover Messe, the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology. A preview of some of our key collaborative approaches is outlined below.

1.     Advancing sustainability goals together

Building green industrial processes is now a critical obligation for all companies and paves the path for efficient operations. As sustainability champions, both AVEVA and Microsoft offer a combined ecosystem that advances sustainability in engineering, operations and performance through transformative technologies that are enriched with cloud deployments, measurable data, and intelligent analytics. Digitalization simplifies the complexities surrounding net-zero goals.

At Hannover Messe, AVEVA and Microsoft showcased AVEVA Data Hub, a software-as-a-service solution that was launched earlier this year on the industrial cloud platform AVEVA Connect. AVEVA Data Hub enables easy sharing of real-time industrial data with an expanded set of users, applications and tools to unlock operational efficiencies, increase sustainability, and drive digital transformation. With AVEVA's industrial data solutions and services and Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, visitors saw a connected industrial ecosystem: how to capture and store data, and then analyze it with Microsoft's powerful machine learning and AI tools to ultimately enhance their industrial dashboards and drive enterprise efficiencies with contextualized, real-time information.

Separately, as part of a global sustainability joint marketing initiative last year, customers were also offered tangible ways to execute their net-zero carbon pledges, such as through the use of AVEVA Unified Operations Center and Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center is a single pane-of-glass, enterprise visualization offer that delivers operations awareness and decision insight in real-time. Microsoft’s Azure cloud solution enables AVEVA to provide a unified industrial software solution that spans customers’ entire business – from engineering, design and procurement to optimizing operations and elevating performance.

Visitors to Hannover Messe were able to familiarize themselves with AVEVA Unified Operations Center at the Schneider Electric stand.

2.     Innovating for energy efficiency

AVEVA has been an innovation frontrunner since its founding, delivering cutting-edge technologies and helping customers master sustainability efforts. Now we are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation as one of ten launch partners of the Microsoft Energy Core (MEC). Through this initiative, organizations can improve energy efficiency to rewrite the future of the energy industry and achieve prosperity.

Customers can use AVEVA’s broad portfolio delivered over Microsoft’s technology for quicker deployments, improved processes, optimized energy management, lower emissions, and shared collaboration – boosting efficiency across the board in the process.

3.     Revealing new business outcomes

Leaders often need to experience technology in action before they can understand how it reveals new routes to business. Since last year, AVEVA Unified Operations Center is available at all 45 Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) across the globe, offering customers accelerated capabilities to pursue their digital goals.

MTCs are innovation hubs that showcase potential solutions through immersive industry experiences. The integration of AVEVA Unified Operations Center within MTCs validates how the solution benefits customers in alignment with Microsoft offerings across real business scenarios. As a result, customers can quickly learn and recognize how state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled expertise and optimized workflows, customers are now able to drive differentiation in their industries.

AVEVA and Microsoft: Innovation Partners

As industrial businesses look to compete in new and unfamiliar operating environments, they will need comprehensive solutions that deliver advanced levels of digital transformation. The close relationship between AVEVA and Microsoft underpins a combined ecosystem that empowers customers to leverage innovation for sustained business leadership over the long term.

Learn more about how AVEVA and Microsoft are collaborating to accelerate digital transformation and sustainability in the industrial sector at: https://www.aveva.com/en/about/partners/global-alliances/microsoft/.


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