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Posted: January 07, 2022

Business intelligence (BI) has emerged in recent decades to give stakeholders new insights into business operations and help them make informed decisions. These insights were once the domain of experts and department leads and were exclusive to operational and manufacturing activities, focusing on accounting, finance, and logistics.

However, thanks to new technologies and advanced computing power, BI data models and tools are now available to a greater number of users. Most businesses now use BI solutions to consolidate the operations data they have at their disposal.

Reliable, relevant, and timely information in context delivers continuous improvement and agility

Profitable industry requires reliable systems and data to support the evolving needs of people across the organization. It’s not sustainable to piece together disparate software when there’s no guarantee it will be interoperable in the future, whether that’s six years or six months from now. The systems you use to make critical decisions must incorporate technologies that connect workers and maintain operational reliability; a single digital thread unlocks your teams’ potential for collaboration.  

AVEVA Insight makes business intelligence cloud-enabled as a digital intelligence component

Digital intelligence gives business and operational decision-makers the data exploration framework they need to understand their entire operation from a bird’s-eye view. Analysis of key performance indictors (KPIs) in dashboards based on dimensional data models drives operational decision-making.

BI Gateway, part of AVEVA Insight, combines time-series and operational data with world-class analytics tools. It operates in near real time and offers a platform to design and execute a contextualized dimensional data model.

BI Gateway, part of AVEVA Insight
AVEVA Insight BI Gateway Monthly dashboard

To build a sustainable operation, you need common, contextualized data models, system flexibility, and accessibility for any authorized user with simple drag and drop configuation.

What’s new in AVEVA Insight BI Gateway

  • BI Gateway adds integrated Application Programming Interface (API) and support for AVEVA Insight, using the most advanced time-series data retrieval modes, including counter, integral, value and time dead band modes. These modes let you to compute volume, energy, downtime, and total run-hours in the context of operations data like shifts, crews, and production lines, among others.
  • BI Gateway now supports the AVEVA Insight MES API. This include KPIs for monitoring an asset’s availability, performance, OEE and TPM indicators (MTBF, MTTA, etc.) in context with manufacturing conditions.
  • The Insight newsfeed is included. Develop AI detection dashboards that infuse data streams with AI tools in AVEVA Insight, such as automated, guided, and advanced analytics.
  • Operations information like shift times, quality data, and downtime reason codes are often updated after the fact. BI Gateway recomputes metrics and KPIs with fresh data. Improved, smart reprocessing of measures in BI Gateway minimizes the time you spend querying and computing for the affected records.
  • A new online documentation framework is included, so you’re able to easily find the information you need.     

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