The AVEVA™ Customer FIRST Program – a foundation of support and success

Posted: August 9, 2021

Customer FIRST has been providing our customers with access to world-class maintenance and support for years. The program is the foundation of a successful, long-term relationship with AVEVA and our extensive global partner network.

While your AVEVA software investment may be substantial, it is only a fraction of your overall investment when you consider everything else involved in your project and the benefit to your business from the software over time. Customer FIRST helps you get the most from your AVEVA software throughout its life and achieve your business objectives. It includes:

  • Software version upgrades and maintenance to help you assure reliability, performance and security,  embrace new technology and standards, and enable innovation and increased functionality.
  • Access to exceptional technical support to leverage our vast software experience and expertise, and reduce operational risk, minimize downtime, and save time and money.
  • Optional success-based services that focus on accelerating adoption and time to value and address challenges you may have with a new or existing project.

There have been a number of program variations over the years, each with largely common entitlements but some subtle differences. With our customers increasingly purchasing cross-portfolio and AVEVA™ Flex  subscription solutions, we recently introduced a single, consolidated Customer FIRST Program that includes our entire portfolio*. There are two key new elements:

  • There is now a single Customer FIRST – Support and Success Services brochure that describes our offering and the common entitlements.
  • All AVEVA subscription software includes the Standard level of Customer FIRST, and customers can upgrade their subscription and support experience to the Premium or Elite level, each of which includes 24/7/365 access to technical support, as well as additional benefits including our success offers.

* Integration of our OSIsoft commercial support offer happening in 2022.

Tailored to your needs

The Customer FIRST Program is flexible, with core included services and entitlements that apply across our extensive software portfolio. The program can meet your needs, whether you are looking for a minimum level of support for an existing steady-state application, or you need significant support with proactive services for a mission-critical solution. Three levels of support are available.


A base level of technical support and comprehensive software maintenance​

  • Local business hours technical support​
  • Software version updates/upgrades and maintenance


Extended technical support hours for operations that run around-the-clock​

  • Standard level + …​
  • 24/7/365 access to technical support and emergency support (P1/P2)​
  • 10% discount on consulting​
  • 16 hours included consulting


Our highest level, priority support for mission-critical operations​

  • Premium level + …​
  • Heightened Support SLA guidelines​
  • “Jump the queue” priority response​
  • Priority onsite support (on demand)​
  • 20% discount on consulting​
  • 24 hours included consulting


Your success is our mission

We help you get the most from your AVEVA software solutions and achieve your desired business outcomes. Customer FIRST is the foundation of our comprehensive support and success services that help you accelerate your time to value and succeed in your digital transformation journey.

Learn more about Customer FIRST or our optional success-based services at

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