The marine digitalization revolution

Dispatches from AVEVA World 2023

Posted: December 20, 2023

The maritime industry, with its vast oceans, waterways, and intricate logistics, is undergoing a profound transformation. Digital technologies are reshaping the way ships operate, companies manage fleets, and the industry adapts to the demands of the 21st century.

As a marine specialist, it was great to hear the stories at AVEVA World 2023 from our global marine customers deploying our engineering 3D design technology and AVEVA™ PI System™. These customers are leaders in the marine industry, harnessing the power of industrial data and digitalization in new and impressive ways. We heard stories from customers about bringing new sustainable designs to market faster and about using data to operate their existing vessels more efficiently. All the customers we heard from are using data and industrial software in innovative and collaborative ways across the design, build, and operate phases of the life cycle of their assets to optimize operations, lower costs, and meet aggressive net-zero emissions targets.  

Here’s just a small sample of some of the many highlights I took away from the marine customer presentations at this event:

Namura Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, a Japan-based company that builds vessels, bridges, and steel structures, shared its journey with using AVEVATM E3D Design. The company used this software to provide a central design system that allows for easier collaboration, design checking, and automated work across the shipbuilding lifecycle. By digitalizing its process, Namura was able to meet the efficiency demands accrued from increased maritime cargo movement and sustainable complex vessel designs. Namura improved engineering quality, lowered costs caused by design errors, and reduced design time by 10%.

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The CSL Group is a Canadian company that is the world’s largest owner and operator of self-unloading vessels and a leader in high-efficiency transhipment solutions. CSL shared its journey deploying AVEVA PI System to streamline data collection, access, analysis, and reporting. Improving operations is a main priority for CSL, and with complex regulations and manual systems, compounded with worldwide vessel operation, CSL needed to optimize its fuel usage and better monitor its assets. Using smart data management and analytics, CSL avoided asset failure, reduced anomalies, and realized a 3-5% fuel and 120 MT of CO2 savings per vessel per year on its first eight vessels.

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Rauma Marine Constructions, a Finnish shipbuilding company based in Rauma, Finland, shared its story of executing early structural modeling with AVEVA E3D Design and driving a single source of truth. As ship projects become more complex, shipbuilders are under pressure to produce cutting-edge designs with ever shorter lead times. With more involved design collaboration with AVEVATM Hull Design, combined with streamlined E3D-to-FEmap transfer for rapid Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and updates, Rauma received a significant return on investment in a very short amount of time, realizing an impressive 80% time saved in FE model creation and updates.

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It was incredible to have these folks at the conference share their impressive innovations. These are just a sprinkling of the stories of digital transformation that I was proud to watch at AVEVA World 2023. 

If you are interested in discovering more stories of how our solutions are connecting our industrial communities and driving more sustainable industries, please visit our archive of the most recent event presentations, along with thousands of other stories of digital transformations from events past. We hope to hear your story at AVEVA World 2024!

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