Trending features in AVEVA™ Data Hub

Posted: August 03, 2021

As of February 2022, AVEVA Data Hub is the official name for the product formerly known as OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS).

Visualization plays a crucial role in the journey of operations data. As more of the essential industries move their operations to the cloud, making millions of data points accessible and digestible is crucial to making the right decisions. Trending in AVEVA™ Data Hub does just that. It introduces unique visualization features to help you get more value out of your data.

Easy cursors

Explore your data with just a few clicks. Pin the cursors down to access useful information in the summary table underneath your trend. Once pinned, get values for the minimum, maximum, average, and even the delta (value and duration) between cursors.



Finding the right scale for your trend makes those flat lines come alive. AVEVA Data Hub offers the traditional single and multiple scale options and introduces a stacked option. This allows you to stack each of your selected data streams on top of one another, making it much easier to compare trends at the same point in time. Combining stacked trends and the easy cursor functionality creates a unique visualization experience. Hover over your stacked trends to find an exact spot, then pin the cursor with a single click to start exploring.

Digital states

AVEVA Data Hub redefines how we visualize digital states. Digital states are often used to track stages of a process or a piece of equipment. A pump in your unit had downtime last week - did that pump fail or was it just in maintenance? A digital state would answer that question for you. AVEVA Data Hub seamlessly merges this information into your trends to help you draw meaningful conclusions. In AVEVA Data Hub you can display digital states as colorful bands underneath your trend. These bands allow you to visualize where certain changes in your process are occurring without interfering with the trends on your display.

Asset Swap

Building out the perfect trend can be time-consuming. AVEVA Data Hub introduces a way to simplify this process with its Asset Swap feature. It allows you to switch the context of your displays to any assets that use the same Asset Type. Build out a single trend and use it for hundreds of assets to quickly make comparisons and draw meaningful conclusions.

All these features and more are currently available in AVEVA Data Hub to help turn your data into actionable insights.

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