What’s new in AVEVA™ Teamwork

Posted: January 9, 2024

You can use AVEVA Teamwork to manage collaboration, share knowledge, and implement skills development in the cloud across your entire enterprise. Whether providing training videos and digital logbooks or helping to answer calls for help, AVEVA Teamwork solves many of the challenges that industrial organizations have with traditional training and knowledge retention solutions. Here are the newest features in AVEVA Teamwork for 2023.

The feature within AVEVA Teamwork previously labeled Call for Help is now labeled Issues—but it retains all the same functions.

Now you can quickly filter through your Issues by using new time-based shortcuts. These shortcuts let you choose a time period and get fully up to date on any changes or new Issues that occurred during that time. This addition minimizes distractions and focuses users on what has happened since their last shift. 

You can now directly tag users when you create a new Issue. You can get their attention within the Issue itself instead of tagging them in the comments afterward. This change will increase user engagement on Issues, streamline the user experience, and accelerate the problem-solving process. 

When you create an Issue, you have an option to assign an owner to it. Once assigned, the owner will receive a notification and will be labeled as the owner on both the Issue board tile and the Issue itself. This highly requested feature will make clear who is accountable for each issue. 

You can assign three new roles that have some administrative responsibilities but don’t have full admin access: user manager, structure manager, and analytics manager.

You can now add e-signatures using a simple drop-down menu within forms. E-signatures now also have an added layer of security that guarantees their integrity, so you can be confident they are authentic and legally compliant. This change will not affect your existing operations, but if you have the CFR Title 21 Part 11 add-on, you might want to retroactively add this improved e-signature to your forms that would benefit from it. 

Convert deviations to Issues automatically within a form. With a single click, you can create an Issue that automatically includes any photos, videos, or comments and sets the location to where the form is being completed. 

View your available Forms and Locations on one centralized dashboard. 

Notifications now summarize information about the Issue, cutting out clutter so you focus on the info you need.

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