AVEVA Production Management (formerly Ampla) | What’s new with the 2020 U2 Release

What’s new with AVEVA Production Management 2020 Update2

Posted: April 15, 2022

The AVEVA Production Management 2020 U2 release includes several exciting new features, such as the modernization of browser technology for embedding web-based information and application functionality, a new Web API that enables integration with the AVEVA PI System™, and other applications that support RESTful APIs, lot generator enhancements to improve the performance of the inventory engine, user experience improvements for providing a consistent user experience across the AVEVA portfolio, and more.

AVEVA PI System integration

This release delivers a brand new, powerful integration with AVEVA PI System. In addition to existing time-series data integrations via OPC HDA, our new Web API (discussed in further detail below) allows you to detect events directly from PI without any customization or middleware. It provides end users with a richer data analysis environment, while also simplifying the deployment and maintenance of your AVEVA™ Production Management system.

This integration leverages the analytics and asset framework capabilities available in AVEVA PI System to look at the time-series data behind a downtime, slow-running, or overconsumption event. With Event Frame integration, you can simply click a link on the event in Production Analyst to view the tag streams in AVEVA PI Vision™.


This release supports Web APIs by enabling improved integration with AVEVA™ Work Tasks, AVEVA PI System via Event Frames (as described above), and other applications that support RESTful APIs. These methods include general data submission and retrieval, as well as configuration information for performance, inventory, and sustainability solutions.

The new API is supported by comprehensive documentation, including descriptions of available methods, as well as example requests and responses.

Modern embedded browser

We have improved the ability to embed web applications such as AVEVA Work Tasks, AVEVA Teamwork and Microsoft Power BI by upgrading our existing embedded browser technology.

Sustainability solution template

The standard sustainability solution template provides sample configurations, reports, and Power BI dashboards that can be used out of the box or modified to suit all supply chains. The focus is on identifying the root cause of water and energy overconsumption in near real time. It helps you identify the biggest opportunities for corrective actions and ensures that control room operators and field workers are equipped with the tools necessary to collectively reduce the carbon footprint and water losses of your operation. 

Enhanced lot generation

We have extended our existing lot generator capability to allow the use of the sample ID field in the expression. This can be used to improve the inventory engine performance by reducing unnecessary lot generation.

Alignment with AVEVA™ Design System

As part of this release we have improved our alignment with AVEVA Design System. AVEVA Design System is intended to improve user experience and provide UI and UX consistency and predictability across the portfolio.

When you would like to enjoy these latest features, please contact our AVEVA Production Management (formerly Ampla Operations Management) team of software experts.

When you are interested in showcasing the sustainability template, a sample configuration for AVEVA PI System Integration, fully new Power BI Dashboard, and updated SSRS Report samples using the AVEVA Production Management 2020 U2 standard project template, please reach out to the Global Practice, or your local Account Manager.

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