Winning together: Leveraging the channel for digital transformation

Posted: 4 Oct, 2021

It would be no overstatement to say that the last 18 months have sparked a dramatic sea change in our daily lives and the way we run businesses. As the world begins to recalibrate itself after the pandemic, companies – industrial firms in particular – have undergone an unprecedented shake up of the status quo.

Amid overnight shutdowns and severely disrupted supply chains, the crisis has accelerated the digital transition of the industrial sector by around five years. And while traditional IT enterprise applications have been migrating to cloud-based and software-as-a-service models for more than a decade, the lessons of the pandemic triggered interest in other areas too – such as technology that addresses multiple use cases across widely dispersed business units, optimizing business value, slashing costs and supporting greener outcomes.

Integral customer support

In the last year and beyond, AVEVA has steadfastly supported its customers as they embark on transformational digital journeys, offering a broad suite of source-agnostic and interoperable solutions for optimized performance and sustainability in the ‘new normal’.

But transformation doesn’t happen overnight – nor does it happen in a vacuum. As such, our valued community of channel partners has been integral to the evolution of our customers’ digitization.

AVEVA’s 5,000-plus strong community of partners, distributors, solutions providers and systems integrators has been critical to the implementation of our industrial solutions and delivering organizational transformation. For example, 85 percent of AVEVA’s HMI and SCADA business is sold through AVEVA distributors.

Together, we are stronger

Our channel partners operate like AVEVA’s extended arms and help us to own customer relationships across all geographies and industries. We work closely with the channel to provide in-depth resources, training, certification, support, and flexibility to help them with lead generation and successfully capitalize on the opportunities the market presents.

Industrial firms are embracing digital transformation at different rates, which means they need to constantly adapt their business and sales models. AVEVA is leveraging its on-the-ground channel network to tune into customer needs to deliver ongoing support and tailored products and services amid a time of rapid change and flux.

We have now added to that bouquet with our new AVEVA Operations Control software offering, which now allows customers to use all of our products in the way they want to use them. Managed through our AVEVA™ Flex Subscription Program, the model gives channel partners the opportunity to provide a recurring expense for software licensing on a periodic basis versus the one-time perpetual licensing purchase model. This new flexible model enables customers to pivot their budgets from capital asset purchases to operating expenditures, right-sizing resources to match requirements in the process. Customers can increase or reduce their software licensing based on their activity levels.

AVEVA Select and AVEVA Partner network

Our partner program, AVEVA Select, enables our channel ecosystem to gain complete access to AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio, empowering them to build capabilities and capitalize on the digital future.

AVEVA Select aligns to both market and technology trends, offering programs designed to suit every product and solution specialization in the engineering and industrial segments. By leveraging the breadth of AVEVA’s software portfolio, AVEVA Select partners can now help their customers simplify design and optimize opportunities, and also maximize performance.

Our thriving AVEVA Partner Network has over 5,000 members providing opportunities for alliances, systems integrators, distributors, solution providers, and technology partners to actively engage and participate in the AVEVA community.

As AVEVA continues to support and inspire industrial companies in navigating the new normal, we in turn draw support from our channel partners. Indeed, global digital transformation on the scale witnessed over the past year would not be possible without the collaboration of our channel partners.

We look forward to working even more closely with our partners and continuing to support them as their customers navigate the path to digital transformation.

Find out more about the AVEVA Partner Network.


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