Cobre Panama

Reducing unplanned downtime in the plant with AVEVA™ PI System™ and remotely with AVEVA™ Data Hub

Cobre Panama, a large open-pit copper mine owned by First Quantum Minerals LTD, has been heavily using AVEVA PI System as the data management tool for its process plant since it began exporting copper concentrate in 2019. However, the company recently found it difficult to integrate the data from IoT devices into its operations in real time.

To fully monitor the health of its large fleet of 56 mining trucks—each with 378 distinct tags—it turned to AVEVA Data Hub. By pairing AVEVA Data Hub with AVEVA PI System, Cobre Panama can now collect real-time data to enable predictive maintenance, which reduces truck downtime and increases operational efficiency.

“If we reduce the downtime on the trucks, we can produce more, which, in the end, translates to transporting more copper.”

— Reuben Perez, ICT Operations Lead, First Quantum Minerals LTD

AVEVA Data Hub

Achieve operational efficiency and digital transformation with an easily scalable, cloud-based data platform.

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