AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager

Cloud-Enabled 3D Data Management

Manage massive amounts of 3D point cloud data to create opportunity throughout the project and operations lifecycle.

Store, visualise and handle point cloud datasets in a simple, accessible and secure workflow with AVEVA LFM solutions to enrich the digital asset and deliver value across your asset and operations lifecycles.

“AVEVA LFM has proven over the years to not just be a vital tool but a very powerful 3D laser scanning application for brownfield projects. I’m currently managing a very large LFM project, around 20 terabytes of point cloud data with over 19,000 laser scans. LFM is currently being used in all Fluor offices around the world. ”

Robert Lowery

Global SME 3D Laser Scanning & Dimensioning Control Survey,


Connect your solutions for 8% lower project execution costs on your next CAPEX project through a unified risk management approach.

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