Ampla Operations Management | What’s new with the 2018R2 release

Posted: October 31, 2019

The Ampla Operations Management 2018 R2 release introduces several new features and enhancements to empower operators to drive plant and supply chain performance.

What's new in Ampla Operations Management 2018 R2?

  • Easier cloud publishing for KPI monitoring on mobile devices
  • Faster classification of common plant events  
  • New Client Notifications
  • Decision Matrix extensions
  • User Interface look and feel update
  • Improved Inventory Audit Logging,

Easier KPI cloud publishing of KPI data for viewing in browsers and on mobile devices

Publishing data to the AVEVA Insight cloud allows users to monitor Ampla KPIs and receive KPI condition notifications on their mobile devices, or to view live Dashboards anywhere in a browser.

The Ampla Operation Management 2018R2 release improves the cloud publishing configuration experience by:

  • selecting the KPI period/s that you want to publish
  • more  AVEVA Insight metadata configuration options within Ampla Studio (Alias and Interpolation Type)

Rapid classification of common downtime events

A new “Quick Complete” function presents users with the top 5 most common causes of downtime for a process or an asset which allows to classify many downtime events with two simple mouse clicks. 

This new function helps to drastically reduce the administrative load on busy Control Room Operators and to improve the quality of data entry. Of course, if the required option is not in the top 5 list, Operators can classify the event in the usual way.

Notifications of pending tasks and upcoming events

With the new client notification functionality users are informed that they need to complete certain tasks such as classifying all downtime events prior to shift handover or are provided with general awareness of planned events. Clicking a notification will guide users to the exact place and data they need to review or update within Ampla Operations Management software!

Notifications are completely configurable and extensible.  We are providing some excellent examples on how to implement client notifications with our new Performance Template. If you need any further help, please reach out to our Global Practice team who will be glad to help.

Modernized User Experience

We have given the UI a little refresh - the top toolbar now has a clean, modern look and feel and alignment with other Aveva applications.

Additional Outputs added to the Decision Matrix Extensions

  By increasing the number of outputs that can be configured, we have reduced the complexity of Auto Completion configuration and eliminated the need for daisy-chained Decision Matrices!

When you would like to enjoy the latest features, please get in contact with our Ampla Operations Management software team of experts.

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