AVEVA continues on the path to netzero, alongside our customers and partners:

Peter Herweck, CEO, AVEVA

Posted: 10 November, 2021

One of the dangers of looking backwards for too long, is that you miss what’s ahead. Today AVEVA announced solid results for the first half of our fiscal year. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support and employees for their diligent work, but also want to share our vision for the future and the commitments we are making.  Right now leaders from around the world are meeting at COP26 to address the climate crisis, and one thing is certain, without immediate action at scale we will miss the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Advancing sustainability through innovation and collaboration

Our customers understand the role they must play in enacting this change, and that digital technologies play a critical role in reaching sustainability and net-zero targets. Implementing software enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, and IIoT is an affordable and accessible route to help achieve these important goals. And these technologies can help achieve 70% of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals over the next decade1.

AVEVA recently launched its first sustainability report, which echoes our commitment to be a part of the solution. We are uniquely positioned to help companies achieve greater sustainability across the value chain. By helping companies digitalize every aspect of their business, AVEVA technology surfaces quantifiable efficiency metrics that benchmark progress towards sustainability goals, and AI models can help determine where sustainability investment can yield the greatest impact.

Two examples of customers using AVEVA as part of their sustainability objectives as well as greater operational efficiency would be Ontario Power Generation – one of the largest low-cost clean power generators in North America – and global cereals producer, Kellogg’s. Both organizations are prime illustrations of how using a data-led approach to sustainability and its unique challenges – whether that’s keeping hydroelectric plants running effectively or understanding how to create carbon savings – can help sustainability efforts and improve profits.

Driving digital transformation and growth, responsibly

The need for the industrial world to be and do better is driving AVEVA’s performance. We have shown good financial and operational progress as market conditions improved in the half-year. Looking ahead, we anticipate continued growth underpinned by our pipeline.

The acquisition of OSIsoft is bedding in well, and we were blown away by the positive reaction to our technology roadmap from customers, partners, and colleagues alike following AVEVA PI World – a three-day transformational event, hosting over 130 unique presentations with 160+ speakers – which took place last month.

It’s been a solid six months for AVEVA and looking to the future, we are well-placed to deliver on our medium term financial targets to 2026. We will submit our climate targets for external validation by the Science-based Targets Initiative and have committed to aligning to a 1.5°C ambition level across all scopes.

We have also joined with strategic partners who are leaders in innovation and share our sustainability values, like Microsoft, Accenture and Schneider Electric, as the ecosystem confronts the task. The efforts of one or a few companies is not sufficient, instead, organizations must work collaboratively to build an ecosystem that can work effectively alongside governments and policymakers in shaping a sustainable future.

Whilst we reflect on our progress this year, our eyes are very much facing forward. We remain focused on transforming industry to be sustainable and efficient thanks to the passion and collaboration of our employees, customers and partners.


1WEF, Unlocking Technology for the Global Goals, 16 January 2020


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