Go Green 2022: Do you have what it takes to be a Sustainability Change Maker?

With the world looking to this year’s COP26 summit a few short months away, momentum continues to build in moving from commitment to action on climate change and accelerating efforts towards the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. In aligning to the highest level of ambition under the Agreement, AVEVA has recently joined Schneider Electric and other FTSE100 leaders in committing to the United Nations Race to Zero, the largest ever global leadership and business alliance focused on achieving net zero emissions by 2050. I was lucky enough to be at the official ringing of the London Stock Exchange’s opening bell to signify such a momentous milestone and can attest to the collective will and sense of urgency in the room.

With a record US$17billion of investments in climate-tech start-ups during 2020 alone¹, initiatives such as AVEVA-Schneider Electric’s Go Green student sustainability competition are vital in helping us uncover, develop and invest in game-changing, next-gen ideas that have the potential to disrupt how we approach the biggest humanitarian and climate challenges of our time. 

Watch my short video to learn more about Go Green and find out why it’s time to start collecting your thoughts and preparing for the 2022 Go Green Competition.

Go Green 2021 Highlights:

The 2021 Go Green competition was one of the biggest yet with over 25,000 global participants and a tightly scored final. But in the end the competition winner was Team Light Pills, consisting of two talented engineering students from Univeristat Politécnica de Catalunya South America, Helena Casals and Dorothy Facerias. Their idea and prototype was a solar-powered bottle cap that simultaneously purifies water and acts as a light source to be available at a low price point. An innovative winning technical idea with genuine social impact!

Time to start thinking about your ideas for Go Green 2022:

On the eve of UN International Youth Day², recognizing and celebrating the potential of youth as partners in today’s global society, it certainly feels like the perfect time to put the challenge to you, to start thinking about how you can play an active role in reshaping our future! Start talking to your peers and fellow students today and whiteboarding those ideas – that may well be the game-changing winning idea for Go Green 2022!

  • Become an active change maker in the future of Sustainability
  • Gain valuable access to Schneider Electric and AVEVA executive mentors
  • Grow your career network & gain valuable future employment skills and experience
  • Secure a graduate career role with Schneider Electric / AVEVA
¹ BloombergNEF (March 2021) “Climate Tech VC Investing Tops $17bn in 2020”
² UN International Youth Day is commemorated every year on 12 August, recognizing the potential of youth as partners in today’s global society. 
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