More secure operations data visualization with AVEVA PI Vision

Posted: March 18, 2024

In the face of increasing geopolitical concerns, vigilant cybersecurity teams at industrial organizations like Chevron track vulnerabilities across the industrial software they use. When Chevron’s cybersecurity team turned its focus toward a legacy data visualization system in use at several of the company’s domestic refineries, it prepared to quarantine the software.

The company had built thousands of displays in that legacy system over the past 20 years—but the system had third-party components with vulnerabilities. Any upgrades to the legacy software required months or sometimes as much as a year. One senior software engineer at the company decided to face this major data visualization and security challenge head on. 

He knew the company needed to urgently move its legacy displays to a more secure solution. He chose AVEVA™ PI Vision™, the flagship visualization tool for AVEVA™ PI System™.

Modern operations data visualization security

For years, organizations across the industrial landscape have recognized AVEVA PI System’s fundamental security advantage in operations data management. Its data infrastructure design enables users to divide the system across multiple architectural layers, each with its own set of barriers to ensure companies can securely move data out of the security perimeter, into a corporate network, and beyond. With AVEVA PI System, you can limit direct access to your critical systems while simultaneously expanding how you use your operations data.


Radix conducted an operations data management project with the University of Massachusetts that reduced operations costs by three percent (i.e., $900,000 in savings per year). To ensure cybersecurity, Radix chose AVEVA PI System for the project, because it "limits direct access to critical systems and allows users to see this information in a secure way."

– Priscilla Gomero

Automation Engineer



AVEVA PI Vision increases AVEVA PI System’s security advantage as a modern, web-based dashboarding tool. Highly secure and scalable, AVEVA PI Vision is installed on a single web server, which streamlines managing new versions and security patches. It supports Windows-based and claims-based authentication via OpenID Connect, the leading web standard for single sign-on and identity provision.

These modern authentication capabilities align with the AVEVA PI System portfolio’s hybrid data management evolution. With these capabilities, you can integrate AVEVA PI Vision with your enterprise’s common source of account authentication and deploy it in architectures where AVEVA PI Vision is not joined to a domain. This means you don’t have to go through the difficulties of setting up and managing cross-domain and cross-forest trusts with Kerberos delegation. You can enjoy the new possibilities, flexibility, and scalability that modern authentication options provide for more easily and securely managing your resources and users.

Securely sharing operations data visualizations with trusted partners

Many of the most critical and highly secure organizations in the world rely on AVEVA PI Vision for operations data visualization. For example, California ISO (CAISO) is a federally regulated nonprofit organization that manages the electric grid in California and a portion of Nevada. CAISO leveraged AVEVA PI Vision to comply with security requirements.

With more than 2,000 displays of AVEVA PI System data, CAISO cited AVEVA PI Vision’s collections feature as a faster scalability solution that works with its new security paradigm. The organization has more than 400 internal AVEVA PI System users, but also works with 68 external companies in its capacity as a reliability coordinator. With certificate-based connections, CAISO securely shares AVEVA PI Vision displays with users at those external companies.

If you’d like to learn more about how AVEVA PI Vision securely provides real-time operations data visualization and empowers data users throughout the industrial world, check out our on-demand webinar, “Visualizing operations across the enterprise: How self-service tools accelerate real-time insight.”

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