Introducing AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure: A hybrid operations data solution for enterprise visibility

Posted: October 23, 2023

Industrial companies that are expanding their use of operations data now have a straightforward way to get a fully integrated, hybrid solution that seamlessly manages data at the edge, on-premises, in the cloud and across a community of trusted business partners. AVEVA™ PI Data Infrastructure acts as an enterprise-class data highway that lets you collect, enrich and deliver high-fidelity operations data anywhere it is needed with security, speed and data integrity. Hybrid infrastructure gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to share data with connected workers in remote locations, and with collaborators inside or outside the company. This new solution is the platform on which AVEVA will release a series of enterprise-class data management features, beginning with the new authentication option included in this release.

AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure lets companies:

  • Provide decision-ready operations data to more users in more locations.
  • Collect industrial data generated by sensor-enabled assets outside the process control network or in remote or disconnected locations.
  • Aggregate historical and real-time data in the cloud for easier access and on-demand scalability.
  • Overcome OT, IT and IIoT data silos, and easily deliver the data needed for advanced data analytics, data science or remote asset monitoring.
  • Support enterprise-wide authentication via OpenID Connect (OIDC) to enable single sign-on.

Key functionality of AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure

Edge data visibility: Access and act on data that is outside your primary control network. The new solution includes lightweight software for collecting, storing and accessing operations data from sensors, IIoT devices, mobile assets and other data sources outside your primary control network. Companies can deploy this multi-platform data collection software on low-cost, rugged devices or embed it in third-party systems.

Vendor-neutral data collection: Connect to any asset irrespective of vendor, location or environment. AVEVA supplies a full set of off-the-shelf data interfaces, connectors and adapters to support automatic, high-frequency data collection.

High-volume storage and processing: Collect, enrich and process time-series operations data using the proven, high-performance capabilities of AVEVA™ PI System™. Much more than a data historian, AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure can store and process huge volumes of operations data and associated context, as well as perform analytics, track events and send notifications.

Cloud scalability and access: Use, share and analyze real-time operations data in the cloud with native integration to AVEVA™ Data Hub SaaS. Aggregate data from multiple sites, give users outside the plant access to contextualized, real-time data, and share select data securely with trusted business partners and service providers.

Enterprise visualizations: Use the Connect visualization services included in AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure to create custom data views and dashboards that combine operations data with information from engineering or manufacturing execution systems. Connect visualization services complement the existing capabilities of AVEVA™ PI Vision™, the self-service tool for visualizing AVEVA PI System data.

An evolving hybrid solution

AVEVA is committed to helping industrial companies take full advantage of their real-time operations data—to drive smart decisions and new behaviors, to increase enterprise-wide operational efficiency and sustainability, and to support new ways of doing business in a connected industrial economy. Stay tuned for coming capabilities that further enable seamless scalability, centralized and streamlined management, and the ability to use data collaboratively across an industrial enterprise.

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