A bigger, better AVEVA System Platform

Posted:  August 02, 2022

AVEVA™ System Platform and the embedded Operations Management Interface (OMI) provide a scalable solution for supervisory systems, advanced SCADA, MES, and IIoT applications. For 2023, AVEVA introduces new enhancements for System Platform 2023 that improve security and offer even more intuitive interface tools that help unify people and processes. Here’s an overview of the newest features in System Platform 2023.

What’s New in AVEVA System Platform 2023

The updated interface provides more efficient workflows and a common user experience across AVEVA’s operations control software portfolio.

The updated object wizard delivers significant performance increases during development.

Place one or more web widgets directly in an industrial graphic and place them directly into a pane on both desktop and web clients.

A new image property called ImageURI allows users to modify and dynamically change images during runtime.

Translations for:

  • Alarm messages
  • Event messages
  • Alarm groups

Use Azure Active Directory as an authentication provider to configure user roles for development and runtime.

Source non-historized values during historical playback to avoid missing information. You can also flag these values to make the viewer aware of the alternative data source.

This new data type allows users to store and transmit huge strings by supporting a virtually unlimited string size.

  • Allow developers direct access to additional security information and log security activities (such as failed logins) to the event database.

System Platform 2023 offers continuous enhancements and security hardening.

AVEVA Flex Multiple Flex single-engine licenses can now be assigned to a single platform.

  • New grid view widget
  • Content presenter OMI application update
  • Map OMI application update

A new edition of AVEVA System Platform for enterprise implementations with AVEVA Unified Operations Center solutions.

  • Web client for AVEVA Operations Management Interface
    Access pre-defined OMI displays and graphics from a web browser on any device. New workspaces features for the OMI web client allow you to create ad-hoc runtime displays directly in the browser.
  • Extensions
    Sankey Diagram OMI App
  • MQTT Sparkplug Publisher
  • MQTT Pub import/export
  • OPC UA Reverse Connect
  • Deprecation of Device Integration (DI) objects
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