What’s new in the operations control software portfolio 2023 release

Posted: 2 August, 2022

Operations control 2023 is the first major release of AVEVA’s combined software portfolio. It offers comprehensive capabilities to drive beyond HMI/SCADA and achieve greater efficiency and workforce collaboration through holistic operations control.

We have improved operations control 2023 with UI/UX enhancements, more support for industrial graphics, increased flexibility for web and mobile users, and greater connectivity.  Specifically, with this release AVEVA has updated the following products: AVEVATM System Platform 2023, AVEVATM System Platform Enterprise 2023, AVEVATM InTouch HMI 2023, AVEVATM Edge 2023, AVEVATM Plant SCADA 2023, AVEVATM Historian 2023, AVEVATM Communication Drivers 2023, AVEVATM Reports for Operations 2023, and AVEVATM Development Studio.

The 2023 release focuses on worker empowerment. It improves your teams’ ability to connect to information when and where it makes sense, to retrieve information faster, and to scale—whether that is more data, more users, or more ways to make the correct decision.  This new software reduces the burden on users by providing more intelligent systems that enable workers of any experience level to work smarter.

Click below to learn more about what’s new in our operations control products:

  • AVEVATM System Platform 2023:
    • AVEVA System Platform Enterprise 2023 System platform enhancements for 2023 include:
    • New System Platform enterprise edition
    • A refreshed user interface
    • The ability to embed web widgets into industrial graphics
    • Dynamic images in industrial graphics
    • Support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory
    • New communication drivers
    • Cybersecurity hardening
  • AVEVATM Plant SCADA 2023
    • Plant SCADA 2023 features:
    • A new user interface
    • The ability to write tags to industrial graphics and OPC UA
    • Web browser control for the graphics builder
    • Embed web components like industrial graphics, AVEVA™ Historian client, and HTML5 web pages
    • Integrate with AVEVA™ Connect and AVEVA™ Development Studio
    • Cybersecurity hardening
  • AVEVATM InTouch HMI 2023 
    • InTouch HMI 2023 adds:
    • A refreshed development environment
    • Unlimited tag counts
    • Supertags
    • An enhanced web client
  • AVEVATM Historian 2023 
    • AVEVA Historian 2023 highlights include:
    • A modernized user interface
    • Improved integration with AVEVA™ PI System and AVEVA™ Data Hub
    • Ad-hoc expressions for more meaningful metrics
    • Security hardening
  • AVEVATM Development Studio
    • AVEVA Development Studio 2023 adds a SaaS web interface to download and retrieve licenses.

AVEVATM Operations Control

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