New ways to connect with AVEVA Communication Drivers 2023

Posted:  August 02, 2022

AVEVA™ Communication Drivers bring you the communication backbone you need to integrate IIoT and edge data, maintain uptime, and simplify communications configurations across your entire system. As a part of AVEVA Operations Control 2023, communication expands to include even more drivers to keep you connected. 

What’s New in AVEVA Communication Drivers 2023

AVEVA™ System Platform was already a consumer of Sparkplug data, but in 2023 it expands to include a Sparkplug publisher based on MQTT for enterprise systems and cloud services. The new publisher is easy to configure and requires no engineering changes to the underlying application.

Export and import publisher configuration files so engineers can ingest bulk-generated configuration sets or backup and restore the publisher configuration.

Enhancements to OI Gateway include new security policies. Reverse Connect enables communication with servers behind strict firewalls and server-side whitelisting of client connections.

In the 2023 release, AVEVA System Platform provides a migration path from legacy DI objects to the latest OI Server technology with minimal reconfiguration and no need to refactor IO references.

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