Harness Technology to Emerge Stronger from the Pandemic

As the pandemic is showing signs of slowing in many countries, companies begin to re-evaluate their business models to prepare for the new normal in the coming months. However, the slowing demand, high stocks and low refinery runs are making the recovery fragile.  Just weeks ago, there was renewed pessimism over the pandemic’s long-term implications on the oil and gas industry.  Most new Exploration and Production (E&P) projects were either canned or re-allocated with a lower capital spending while existing projects are facing higher execution risks due to the unprecedented workforce and supply chain disruption worldwide. The uncertainty is indeed causing industry leaders to lose sleep.

As safety, efficiency and project continuity are becoming the top focused imperatives for most to sustain in the midst of chaos, enabling remote operations is even more important today than ever. Only with the right digital tools will successful companies manage the collaboration across remote teams effectively and safely while keeping production efficient and safe during the crisis.

Information Management serves as the key enabler

Efficient remote operations require a robust information management system to maintain up-to-date critical information, process and engineering data around assets. The right technology and infrastructure must be in place.  One that has the capability to scale up the operations when needed while delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.  Lacking a robust information management system to maintain up-to-date critical information, process and engineering data around assets will not only result in higher cost of ownership but also lead to operational inefficiencies and lower production uptime. Therefore, the key to achieving a remote command centre is a comprehensive information management system that combines a centralised data repository with enterprise-wide information access and visualisation. 

Through a robust information gateway, information and data such as P&IDs, datasheets, drawings, isometrics and images around the asset are extracted from disparate data sources and associations with other relevant data, workflows and business processes can then be established and validated for accuracy against known standards to create viewable renditions of documents and drawings. This acts as a data validation layer to ensure that all data meet the correct standards throughout the asset lifecycle. Next, this common set of data and information is shared across departments – from engineering, to procurement, to construction, to commission, and to operations.

As the operational life continues, the digital copy is updated automatically, in real time, with current data, work records and engineering information to optimise maintenance and operational activities. With this, engineers and operators can easily search the asset tags to access critical up-to-date engineering and work information, and find the health of a particular asset. This significantly reduces the amount of time needed to diagnose and remedy the flagged issues, improving operational efficiency as much as 30% in some instances and reducing unplanned downtime.

Petroleum Development Oman uses AVEVA NET to enable Data Visualization

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) uses AVEVA™ NET to enable accurate, detailed asset information visualization across the organization, providing users with access and navigation across a digital version of their plant.  AVEVA’s Information management is delivering clear benefits for Petroleum Development Oman, saving workers time in searching for information, and democratizing data access. With this system, its engineers now can quickly search for a tag and find all its related information, such as process drawings, manuals, specifications, or maintenance history.

Start with a robust information system today!

Garbage in, garbage out.  Having a robust information management system is key to achieving the desired outcomes of a digital transformation plan.  One that deliver the right data to right people at the right time.

Read the whitepaper now to learn how a digital twin strategy could raise your efficiency to the next level.

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