Value Chain Optimization – But What is the Best Strategy for My Mine?!

Posted: August 18, 2020

I am currently in the car buying search and much like many of you can relate to, it can be a very stressful, exhausting, and frustrating process. So many options, varying price points, dealerships throwing so many different models and makes at you… I find myself questioning what is the best fit specifically for me? A mentor encouraged me to make a list of the greatest challenges I have with my current car. Too small, non-four-wheel drive, lack of technology...I am slowly realizing through the process, that I need to find a car that is the best fit for my life’s needs – to meet all the challenges that I have with my current car!

Much is the same for mining companies when they are seeking solutions for optimizing their value chains. With so many options out there and overwhelming differences among them, a mining company, similar to my own personal car search, might find themselves asking, “What is the best fit for my mine!?” While each mine may struggle with the overall challenge of driving more value through processes, the trials and tribulations differ between each business and location.

The key is to find the best solution that is tailor-fit and applies best to your mine: one that will solve your businesses’ specific daily challenges.

To help make this research process a bit easier, I have created an infographic quiz for mining companies, like yourself, to guide you on your Value Chain Optimization (VCO) journey!  Begin at the top where it states “start” and answer the “yes/no” journey down the page. By breaking down each step, this quiz is designed to help you understand:

  1. Defining and understanding what your problems are 
  2. What options there are for solving these challenges 
  3. Understanding what solutions work best for your mine!

Now it’s your turn! Begin the quiz below.



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Value Chain Optimization strategies are helping mining companies across the world regain visibility and maximize profits with a transformative approach to production and supply chain optimization. To learn more information on VCO for Mining, read the E-Book.

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