AVEVA™ Production Management 2020 U1 (formerly Ampla) | What’s new with the 2020 U1 Release

What’s new with AVEVA Production Management 2020 Update 1

Posted: November 23, 2021

The AVEVA Production Management 2020 U1 release includes several exciting new features such as updated inventory charting, user management via Active Directory groups, usability enhancements to both Studio and Production Analyst, support for Production Analyst in the Microsoft Edge browser, and several security and performance-related enhancements.

Inventory charting

In response to user feedback, charting options now include an inventory-specific view.

Quick Complete pins

Built on the success of the Quick Complete feature, this release allows users to ‘pin’ specific downtime reason codes, in addition to the existing Top Five option. Customers can even use their own aliases for pinned downtime reason codes.

Active Directory user management

Users are now fully managed from Microsoft Active Directory. Permissions, options and shared favorites can be now applied to Active Directory groups rather than individual users for simplifying deployment and user administration efforts.

Support for AVEVA™ Historian 2020

The Historian connector has been updated to support AVEVA Historian 2020.

Support for Microsoft Edge Browser

Production Analyst, the AVEVA Production Management client, is now supported in Microsoft Edge with IE mode.

Usability enhancements

In Production Analyst, the ‘LastModifiedBy’ field is now available across all major modules, you can now filter the ‘error level’ property for inventory and quality events, and managing shared favorites has been simplified along with new group-based user management.

In Studio, selecting which cause locations to allow for each downtime point has been dramatically simplified, and users have been removed and replaced with Active Directory groups.

Security and performance improvements

We now provide an option for browser access via HTTPS, and we improved the performance of our GetData WCF webservice for making integrations and reporting even faster.

If you’d like to try out these new features, please contact our AVEVA Production Management (formerly Ampla Operations Management) team of software experts.

If you’d like a demonstration of the AVEVA Production Management 2020 U1 features using the updated standard project template, please reach out to your Account Manager.


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