AVEVA Introduces Upgraded Design and Process Simulation Tools to Engineer the Sustainable Plants of the Future

AVEVA™ E3D Design and AVEVA™ Process Simulation Tools Increase Engineering Efficiency While Ensuring Organizations Meet Sustainability Regulations.


London, United Kingdom, 9 November 2021 – AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, today announced three add-ons to AVEVA™ E3D Design –  infusing AI capabilities into the industry’s most advanced engineering design software which maximizes efficiency through cloud collaboration. The FTSE 100 company also announced a sustainability enhancement for AVEVA™ Process Simulation – an integrated platform spanning the process engineering lifecycle of design, simulation, training, and operations.

The latest enhancements of AVEVA E3D Design and AVEVA Process Simulation empower organizations from chemicals, oil and gas, power, marine, and mining, metals and minerals to design sustainable processes and plants at the speed the market demands. The new AVEVA E3D Design add-ons improve engineering quality and efficiency through expedited, streamlined design processes, while AVEVA Process Simulation enables organizations to move beyond linear, wasteful workflows to implement circular, sustainable processes.

AVEVA E3D Design

The first add-on, AVEVA™ E3D Whitespace Optimizer, automatically completes drawings, significantly reducing staff-hours and project design costs. The second add-on, AVEVA™ Model Simplification and AVEVA™ Native Model Simplification, achieves significant reduction in design file size through the simplification of imported CAD models, enhancing software performance so engineers can work more efficiently with ease and accuracy. The final add-on, 3DFindIt, enables customers to directly import vendor-supplied CAD models of mechanical equipment to allow them to quickly and easily design digital twin models.

Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group and one of the world's foremost design, engineering and project management consultancies, leverages AVEVA E3D Design for some of its most prestigious projects. Jim Wright, Design Team Lead at Atkins, commented: “We trialed AVEVA E3D Design. We found that getting drawings out in this way would reduce the delivery time of structural drawings by 40%. That saves a lot of money, especially if you’re looking at massive projects.”

AVEVA Process Simulation

The new features of AVEVA Process Simulation put sustainability at the heart of process design. Engineers can now work smarter while designing for a sustainable world. The new renewables library includes the models necessary to design renewable power generation networks for wind turbines, solar panels, electrical distribution, and hydrogen electrolysis. With almost no additional effort, engineers can track greenhouse gas emissions from the earliest design concept using the same workflows they would use to analyze and optimize profitability and efficiency.  

"Digital transformation is the key enabler for sustainability, efficiency and agility. AVEVA E3D Design and AVEVA Process Simulation enable organizations to build digital plant designs that will empower the future. With E3D Design, teams can collaborate across disciplines to avoid rework and on-site retrofits,” said Amish Sabharwal, Executive Vice President – Engineering Business Unit at AVEVA.

“Meanwhile, with AVEVA Process Simulation, organizations can quantify, track, and optimize greenhouse gas emissions from the earliest stages of design to operations. The simulation platform empowers companies to design the sustainable processes of the future and bring new processes to market more quickly by accelerating the process design cycle,” added Sabharwal.

For more information on the technology, please visit AVEVA E3D Design and AVEVA Process Simulation.

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