AVEVA Connect Strengthened With Data-Sharing Capabilities

Integration with AVEVA Data Hub enables secure information sharing to unlock new opportunities in the connected industrial economy.


London, UK, 6 June, 2022AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software driving digital transformation and sustainability, today announced the addition of powerful industrial data-sharing capabilities to its AVEVA Connect industrial cloud platform for hybrid SaaS solutions.

With this latest addition to AVEVA's cloud services, customers can now access AVEVA Data Hub, a secure, cloud-native service for aggregating, managing and sharing operations data to gain new insights and improve operating performance. AVEVA Data Hub lets industrial companies selectively share operations data with trusted stakeholders such as key suppliers, equipment providers, data scientists, enterprise business analysts, and other authorized partners. This information-led network of interlinked organizations, referred to as the connected industrial economy, offers the ability to unlock operational efficiencies, increase sustainability, and drive digital transformation at scale.

AVEVA Connect continues to add hybrid SaaS solutions that will bring customers and partners together to elevate the entire industrial ecosystem from design to operations and through to optimization. The industrial cloud platform enables search, data access and configuration API, community data sharing, and reference content. The ability to aggregate data in the cloud from on-premises and third-party systems supports streamlined collaboration over digital twins. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical assets such as power plants or manufacturing facilities.

“With extensive data-sharing capabilities unlocked by AVEVA Data Hub, AVEVA Connect is now better than ever. AVEVA now offers a common cloud-connected information infrastructure that our customers and partners can leverage to build valuable applications and meet their most difficult sector-specific challenges,” said Rónán de Hooge, Executive Vice President, Cloud Platform Business, AVEVA. “AVEVA Connect is an open and agnostic platform that can be scaled up or down to support business flexibility while enabling a more collaborative and efficient industrial ecosystem.” 

Reducing equipment downtime and improving ESG compliance

Renewable Energy Group (REG) is using the power of cloud data sharing to enhance asset reliability and reduce maintenance costs. REG is using AVEVA Data Hub to share real-time performance data from their centrifuges with an asset monitoring partner, Allied Reliability. The closer collaboration between asset owner and service provider has enabled REG to reduce equipment downtime by up to 90%.

Dominion Energy enables their expanded ecosystem to operate more sustainably by sharing data it gathers from wind and solar power generating units. Energy source data is increasingly important to residential and commercial customers monitoring their environmental footprint and validating their ESG reporting commitment. Dominion Energy's end customers can now access timely, reliable data about how their energy is sourced, allowing them to meet their ESG pledges and drive responsible use of the world's resources.

With AVEVA Connect, industrial owners, operators, engineers, and integrators can engage digitally, sparking collaborative innovation to turn opportunities into business value.



AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, sparking ingenuity to drive responsible use of the world’s resources. The company’s secure industrial cloud platform and applications enable businesses to harness the power of their information and improve collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners.

Over 20,000 enterprises in over 100 countries rely on AVEVA to help them deliver life’s essentials: safe and reliable energy, food, medicines, infrastructure and more. By connecting people with trusted information and AI-enriched insights, AVEVA enables teams to engineer efficiently and optimize operations, driving growth and sustainability.

Named as one of the world’s most innovative companies, AVEVA supports customers with open solutions and the expertise of more than 6,400 employees, 5,000 partners and 5,700 certified developers. With operations around the globe, AVEVA is headquartered in Cambridge, UK.