Image can be used for placing images within the body of the page when there is not already an image as part of the component.

Default Image Component Settings

  • Get Alt Text from DAM
  • Get Caption from DAM

Tradeoffs and Considerations of Defaults

  • Disable this function, and always manually add text in English source so it can be seen by translation program
    (loss of CMS author efficiency by not being able to author once, but savings in terms of DAM storage costs and CMS authoring process to retire images across several sites)
  • Allow text to pull from DAM, but leave text in English so that images do not have to be duplicated for each international site
    (author once, use everywhere, but will have English text instead of translation)

DAM Overrides

  • Alt Text
  • Caption
Alt Text Caption Below Image

Enlarge Image Functionality

Recommended for:

  • Infographics
  • Diagrams

Not recommended for:

  • Photographs (bio images, banner images)
  • Icons
  • Logos