AVEVA™ Asset Information Management Discovery is available now

Posted: May 28, 2020

Across all industries, maintenance and operation workers need accurate information to support their daily activities. It’s common, however, to see asset models, maintenance information, manufacturers’ data, P&IDs, and other data stored in a variety of different formats in unconnected repositories, with teams often dispersed across various global locations.

This approach results in data silos and a severe lack of transparency, efficiency, and trust within organizations, creating obstacles to find relevant and complete information, to correlate different data sources and to promptly recall vital engineering information to demonstrate regulatory compliance and guarantee safe operation.

AVEVA Asset Information Management Discovery comes as a solution to connect workers with the content they need to do their jobs. It ingests data in various formats from multiple systems to deliver rapid, intuitive access to the Digital Twin with information that accurately describes the current condition of the physical asset, rather than how it was initially designed.

With AVEVA Asset Information Management Discover, workers can save time in looking for information and easily recall documents and critical data to respond quickly to incidents, ensuring safety at all times. It improves decision-making based on trusted data and enables businesses to improve operational performance and safety while reducing risk.

AVEVA Asset Information Management Discovery provides a fully scalable, predictable, and repeatable SaaS infrastructure for asset information management. With standardized deployment, implementation timescales are greatly reduced from many months to just two weeks, making it easy to roll out the solution across a region, country, or business unit.

The solution is delivered through AVEVA Connect, eliminating the overhead of installation, deployment, version control, and hardware maintenance and reducing training costs with easy-to-use software that can be accessed online.

What is new in AVEVA Asset Information Management Discovery?

  • Universal access to your Digital Twin, allowing access to all informational content at any time
  • 2D and 3D visualization: intelligent, hot spotted P&IDs and 3D models that link back to the content referenced in the database
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Ability to organize and collaborate on asset data and documents irrespective of source or location
  • Improved security: data is secure and only accessible to approved parties
  • Continuous improvement with regular updates and feature enhancements constantly being pushed to the Cloud, without having to install any software updates or disrupt productivity.
  • Reduced risk through native Cloud support for backup and disaster recovery
  • Richer information about the operating plant and equipment to support document authoring, reviewing, and distribution process.


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