Celebrating our Tree-Mendous Employees

Posted: September 23, 2021

At AVEVA our employees are at the heart of everything we do. So, it was important for us to find a way to recognize them for their contributions and efforts. Back in late 2020 we launched a global peer to peer recognition platform, where employees and managers could recognize, praise, and thank each other for a job well done in an informal and fun way. The platform was really well received by our employees, and it was a great way to harness internal social media to enhance employee connections and wellbeing during the  pandemic. Today, as we approach the first anniversary of this launch, almost 4,000 employees have been recognized from teams all around the globe, and our employees engage with the platform every single day.

At around the same time in 2020 we also launched the AVEVA Forest a formal tree-planting partnership in support of a variety of reforestation projects around the world. This partnership is very closely aligned with our sustainability ambitions and increasing decarbonization focus, as well as being aligned with our employees’ values, emerging from successful submissions in our 2020 employee-led Sustainability Jam.

Some of our supported reforestation projects around the world:

map Source: https://tree-nation.com/profile/updates/aveva-group-plc

We are still early on in our AVEVA Forest journey and are pleased in our first year to have planted over 3,700 trees in recognition of our employee efforts. These trees have been planted in a variety of locations, including: Spain, France, UK, USA, Brazil, Nicaragua, India, Thailand, Nepal and Australia, and include a number of different tree species serving many different purposes.

Each time a new team member joins our organization, part of their welcome includes a tree planted in their region to recognize that they have  “chosen to plant their roots in AVEVA” and will be instrumental to our continued growth. People start their journey at AVEVA with a digital certificate in recognition of their tree and a personalized welcome to the AVEVA family. Similarly, we also regularly celebrate our recognized colleagues of the week by planting a tree in honour of their contributions and for being “blooming brilliant.” By acknowledging our employees’ hard work in an eco-friendly way, we hope to make them feel valued and inspired.

Here’s some feedback from our employees on the AVEVA Forest tree-planting initiative:

“Thanks, I look forward to growing at AVEVA along with my tree” 
(Grant Colley, Cloud Account Manager, Australia) 

“Such a great idea! Thank you for this wonderful gift” 
(Alissa Maleika, Leads Development Representative, Germany) 

“Thank you for my tree. AVEVA is a wonderful company to work for. I am very glad to be part of these things” 
(Gill Millward, Finance Associate, UK ) 

“What an amazing initiative. Another reason to be proud of being part of the AVEVA family” 
(Guylen Galarneau, Sr Project Manager, Canada)

“A nice gesture that means a lot to me” 
(Nader Reslan, Account Manager – New Business, UAE)

We look forward to continuing to celebrate our people for the awesome work that they do and recognizing the fabulous new talent that chooses to plant their roots at AVEVA. We also have plans to expand our tree-planting initiatives to help grow our global AVEVA Forest, such as tree planting to recognize employee service anniversaries and allowing employees to contribute to the AVEVA Forest by planting their own trees, allowing both our company and our employees a way to give back.

Learn more about life and Careers at AVEVA: https://www.aveva.com/en/about/careers/

Visit the AVEVA Forest: https://tree-nation.com/profile/aveva-group-ltd


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