Citect SCADA Launches into New Era as AVEVA Plant SCADA

For over thirty-five years, Citect has delivered innovative, reliable, and flexible SCADA software that has enabled companies across the globe to optimize industrial processes, improve situational awareness, and make real-time decisions based on accurate information. 

With the launch of AVEVA Plant SCADA 2020 R2, Citect SCADA takes on a new name and a new role as an integrated part of the AVEVA Operations Control portfolio. With additions like support for the cross-platform Industrial Graphics, AVEVA Plant SCADA allows users to leverage the full value of AVEVA’s edge to enterprise approach to operations software.

More Than a Name Change

Longtime users of Citect SCADA will find even more capabilities with AVEVA Plant SCADA. That’s because AVEVA is committed to investing in the future development of AVEVA Plant SCADA, with a roadmap that focuses on keeping pace and even staying ahead of technological trends, so that users can be sure their SCADA software is ready for anything.

The same team who brought you Citect SCADA are dedicated to the future development of AVEVA Plant SCADA as a world-class industrial software solution, ensuring a seamless transition from one version to the next. 

Ready to Upgrade to AVEVA Plant SCADA?

AVEVA always recommends using the most recent versions of our software to mitigate security risks and ensure you have access to all the latest features and capabilities. If you’re currently a user of Citect SCADA, now is a fantastic time to consider an update to AVEVA Plant SCADA.

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