Connected World: AVEVA's blueprint for industry transformation

Posted: December 22, 2023

As I reflect on industry advancements this past year, it's clear that we are witnessing not merely an evolution but a revolution in manufacturing through digital integration. Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS) is the key to opening a whole new world of possibilities, helping industrial teams to unify and visualize their data in a digital thread while driving increased efficiency and optimization.

Our vision extends beyond the present with the goal of supporting industrial organizations in creating a sustainable, digital future. We are working tirelessly to accelerate the industrial network effect between partners, customers, stakeholders, and more. The journey we're on is not just about applications—it's about creating a truly integrated, seamless experience for everyone involved.

My colleague Kim Custeau and I shared AVEVA's latest product roadmap at AVEVA World 2023. The roadmap demonstrates our ongoing commitment to advancing industrial transformation. In case you missed it, here are the highlights of several of our efforts to propel the future:

CONNECT: A catalyst for change

In a dynamic industrial landscape, the adoption of digital technology across distributed manufacturing networks is pivotal. With over 60 offerings covering data management, engineering, operations, and connectivity, CONNECT is more than a platform—it's a transformative force that connects factories in the cloud based on trusted information and unleashes a powerful network effect.

CONNECT brings reusable concepts and code from individual apps, standardizing them as platform services. For developers, this means faster development cycles and the ability to focus on value-added capabilities. For customers, it translates to faster access to solutions and an evergreen platform that ensures insights gained are shared across the entire business.

We also announced the expansion of our strategic partnership with Microsoft, which integrates CONNECT with Microsoft Fabric data analytics to simplify data collection, transformation, and organization. This collaboration harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to accelerate value and enable faster data-driven decisions. The result is an unparalleled insight into the manufacturing value chain, reducing waste, conserving energy, and enhancing overall efficiency and sustainability.

AVEVA™ PI Data Infrastructure: Real-time operations anywhere

In the realm of data infrastructure, AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure is a powerful tool. With AVEVA™ PI Vision™ Investments, AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure enhances remote access to dashboards, eliminating the need for VPNs. This fully integrated, hybrid cloud solution delivers real-time data wherever you need it—on the plant floor, in a regional office, or even from a remote operating asset.

Further, the comprehensive, single-subscription solution of AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure enables companies to scale their data infrastructure easily and ensure centralized management across the enterprise.

Dominion Energy, a leading power provider in the US, uses Connect data services (Data Hub) and AVEVA™ PI System™ to gather and distribute data throughout its North American grid network. It is now able to accelerate the transfer of its data to the cloud, facilitating quick sharing with utility customers. This real-time data on energy sources becomes a competitive advantage for Dominion, attracting customers to choose them over alternative energy providers. The advanced capabilities of AVEVA PI System tools allow the company to achieve faster time-to-market, ensuring prompt benefits for both itself and its customers.

AVEVA Advanced Analytics: A co-code SaaS solution

With applications spanning various industries, from consumer products to water and wastewater, AVEVA Advanced Analytics, a no-code Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, is a key player in driving impactful change across the manufacturing value chain. By constructing AI-driven models effortlessly, AVEVA Advanced Analytics enables the comprehension of subtle process variations and their implications on production processes. This leads to enhancements in quality and energy efficiency, while generating prescriptive actions that provide guidance for making confident, data-driven decisions.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, for instance, implemented measures to accurately monitor and predict quality during production. Thanks to rapid insights, Hill’s can adjust the manufacturing process in real time to ensure quality specifications are continuously being met. Overall, the team improved process-to-product output by almost 30% while increasing production output and decreasing waste.

AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System: Closing the Collaboration Gap

As we navigate the post-pandemic era, success in manufacturing hinges on agility, resilience, and sustainability. In fact, according to a recent PwC survey of C-level leaders with responsibility for manufacturing operations, more than half (52%) of executives feel that the growing demand for sustainable products is having the largest impact on operations.

AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System (MES) 2023 is a milestone, enabling consistent multisite MES solutions and positioning manufacturers to accelerate their digital transformation and bridge the gap between business and plant operations. It offers a competitive advantage by providing standardized visibility and data-driven decision-making across distributed manufacturing operations. At a time when manufacturers see their value chains massively disrupted, MES improves the efficiency of their manufacturing networks and enables agility and resilience at a time when it is desperately needed.

AVEVA's vision unfolding

Every product update detailed here, ladders toward one guiding strategic roadmap: building a more connected world and a responsible use of the world's resources.​ AVEVA is not just envisioning the future; we're trying to actively shape it. 

As we reimagine the next advancement of industry, AVEVA and our partners are driving real-world change, creating impactful use cases that redefine the manufacturing landscape… and beyond. The journey is a strategic evolution towards a seamlessly integrated, connected industrial economy, and we can’t wait to continue our work.

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