Cultivating an inclusive and representative work environment

Posted: August 02, 2023

Why is it so important to create an inclusive and representative work environment? Each of us possesses varying degrees of privilege. It’s a common tendency to gravitate towards those who share similarities with us, be it physical, psychological, or emotional traits. But by embracing individuals who are different from us in our social and professional circles, we broaden our understanding of the world and ourselves.

How receptive are you to listening to those who hold different perspectives, and genuinely reflecting upon their opinions? It's important to note that empathy goes beyond sympathy. It entails deeply respecting the unique attributes of others, even if we may not fully comprehend their motivations and interests.

Hiring individuals from minority groups, such as the LGBTQIAPN+ community, is just the first step. It takes proactive initiatives to ensure that everyone feels welcome and respected, and experiences less resistance in the workplace than what we already encounter in the world. The distinguishing factor of a company lies not in how it publicizes its DEIW policies, but rather in how each employee actively practices inclusion and promotes diversity by ensuring that everybody feels represented in every team within the organization.

Diversity and AVEVA values

AVEVA recognizes the significance of creating an inclusive and representative work environment. As we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, guided by our core values, it becomes clear that embracing diversity aligns seamlessly with our values of Impact, Aspiration, Curiosity, and Trust. By fostering inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and promoting representation, not only do we honor our values but also unlock the full potential of our workforce and contribute to a positive and sustainable future.

Impact: Driving positive change

At AVEVA, making a positive, sustainable difference in the world is at the heart of what we do. A diversity-welcoming environment empowers individuals from all walks of life to contribute their unique perspectives and skills. By harnessing the power of diversity, we cultivate an atmosphere where innovative ideas flourish, enabling us to address complex challenges and drive meaningful change. Our commitment to inclusivity empowers us to create products, solutions, and strategies that cater to a diverse range of customer needs, while also fostering a culture that uplifts and supports our uniqueness.

A powerful approach to fostering a positive impact within a diverse context is to promote active participation in activities that allow for the expression of different opinions, ensuring no single contribution is invalidated or dismissed. For instance, considering all suggestions during a meeting objectively, without bias toward specific ideas, can be a valuable practice.

Aspiration: Striving for excellence

AVEVA has always set ambitious goals and strived to surpass the expected. By embracing diversity, we tap into a vast pool of talent and diverse experiences, inspiring us to think beyond the status quo. An inclusive workplace fosters an environment where employees feel empowered to challenge assumptions, explore new avenues, and drive innovation. By valuing the contributions of every individual, we cultivate a culture of excellence that propels us forward.

The most effective approach to fostering company growth is by encouraging the personal growth of every individual who is part of it. This can only be achieved when each person, with their unique characteristics, feels comfortable and recognizes that there is ample space for personal development, irrespective of physical attributes, cultural background, or identity, including sexual orientation and gender.

Curiosity: Unleashing creative potential

Curiosity is an essential component of AVEVA's DNA. Here curiosity thrives. Diversity sparks our curiosity, encouraging us to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and explore new possibilities. By nurturing a culture that values different viewpoints, we create a dynamic atmosphere of continuous learning, experimentation, and collaboration. This curiosity-driven approach enables us to develop powerful and meaningful solutions that address the ever-evolving needs of our customers and the world.

In addition to the intrinsic curiosity present in our work, it is imperative that we apply curiosity to our professional and personal relationships. An effective method to achieve this is through attentive listening, which entails genuinely hearing the other person without assumptions and refraining from formulating immediate responses. Respect begins with authentic interest. This is how we continue to expand our understanding of diverse aspects such as gender, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, physical attributes, and mental perspectives.

Trust: Building strong relationships

At AVEVA, we put people first. We create a workplace culture that fosters trust, where employees feel safe, respected, and valued for their unique contributions. This trust cultivates an environment of open communication, active listening, and empathy. It enables us to build strong, collaborative teams that leverage diverse perspectives to tackle challenges and achieve collective success. A culture of trust fosters a sense of belonging that fuels engagement and loyalty.

By implementing simple practices in our daily lives, we can enhance our interactions with colleagues and foster mutual trust. Some recommended practices include respecting individuals' chosen pronouns and names, prioritizing the use of gender-neutral language rather than assuming gender through masculine plurals, and refraining from asking intimate questions or making comments that may cause offense. It is essential to recognize that even seemingly innocuous remarks, such as comments about one's body or eating habits, differences in culture or accents, can be hurtful within a professional setting.

It’s what we do that matters

We should actively seek to surround ourselves with individuals who possess different thoughts, tastes, and interests. Engaging in a simple yet impactful activity: Do you understand the meaning behind each letter of the LGBTQIAPN+ acronym?

Chances are, someone close to you identifies with the queer community, or perhaps you do yourself. Even for those of us who identify outside the conventional spectrum of sexuality, it is crucial to broaden our understanding of diverse opinions and perspectives. Each of us carries inherent biases and assumptions that must be continuously challenged and expanded. Nothing surpasses the value of being exposed to distinct cultures, diverse minds, and bodies that defy society-imposed norms. By embracing these experiences, we cultivate personal growth and open ourselves to a world of infinite possibilities.

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